Pathway's Cover Art: Angel of Enlightenment
Elaine Jones

Pathways is pleased to share artwork by Elaine Jones on our Winter 2006 Cover.

Elaine's artwork is deeply inspiring. She has a beautiful eye for light, shape and expression. While looking at her artwork and photos, I found sunsets that could capture anyone's heart. Creature photos that made my heart sing with the loving patience it must have taken to capture each shot. Elaine's Beeswax artwork is truly amazing and one of the most interesting mediums I've seen.

As an example of her range, we selected the intuitive piece called "Angel of Enlightenment" for the cover and the following two photos. One, an image of a shy, little otter bathing in the sun and the other a squirrel pausing for a snack.

We feel honored and blessed to have her share her talents with the Pathway's readership and hope you take a few minutes to review her gallery. You can visit her site at:

Breathtaking views into moments captured in time.

Leslie Palacio
Editor, Pathways Within

(c) 2001-2007 Elaine Jones - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Elaine was born in Elgin in the northeast of Scotland and now lives in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire in the southwest of England. Art has been a passion ever since she can remember and she has always enjoyed a wide variety of creative hobbies.

As well as using more traditional media such as acrylics, watercolour, and mixed media, Elaine enjoys using the computer to design original Digital Art in prismatic colours. Another favourite pastime is working with hot, coloured beeswax to produce original Fantasy and Abstract Encaustic Art. Elaine loves the vibrancy of the colours and wonderful three-dimensional textures that can be achieved and each Encaustic Wax painting is totally unique and can never be repeated.

The way that colour can affect our moods fascinates Elaine and this, together with her interest in Reiki Healing, has led her to create unique Intuitive Paintings for people. These may be used as an aid for Meditation, Healing, Contemplation or Inspiration and can make an unusual gift for yourself, or for a friend or loved one – all that is needed is the name of the person it is intended for.

Another passion of Elaine's is Digital Photography and she has a large collection of Wildlife, Flower, Seascape and Sunset images that she uses as inspiration for her paintings.

Scotland is still considered "home" and Elaine visits there every summer to watch the resident dolphins in the Moray Firth. She is delighted that some of her designs have been sold at both the spiritual community known as The Findhorn Foundation and also at the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society's Moray Firth Dolphin Centre.

Elaine’s work “Angel of Enlightenment” was featured on the cover of the Winter 2006 Edition of Pathways Within and she is the exclusive artist for the UK website for Angelic Reiki Healing.

Collectors in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia have now bought Elaine’s paintings and her work has been exhibited in Bath, Gloucester and London in the UK and also in Chicago in the USA, with more shows planned for 2007.

You are most welcome to visit to view Elaine's Original Artwork and Photographs and to view her latest work please visit her Blog at Commissions are undertaken and you can contact her for details at