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Divine Balance:
Who's on the other end of your rope?

Leslie Palacio

Divine Balance ~ For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction or so I've heard.

Recently, I had an experience that allowed me to once again view this from a different perspective. Oh yes, I did play the game of tug-of-war without stopping to look at the issue. "My mommy knows best" just reached up and bit me...(Laughing at self, as there is no better teacher than my son for he requires the best of self - thus, asking me to step up to bat as well, knowing full well when he swings he aims for the stars and beyond). Sometimes, it is too funny how easy it is to get caught up in the drama and the game especially when there are teenagers playing as well. This tends to muddy the water as they are not children, nor are they fully prepared for adulthood responsibilities ~ or are they? Is it that we just perceive we hold the moral high ground on the given topic and base that on our own life experience, when the truth is the heart holds the legacy and can't be measured.

How many of you are pulling against something at the other end of your rope; a teenager, a boss, a family member, a job or maybe even an event, fear or an emotion of some sort? Do you really believe there is a moral high ground in this back and forth struggle of push-pull?

As we look at a situation and quickly access the circumstances and place it within our realm of experience, more often than not we pick what we think is best no matter who is on the other end. What we forget is to look at the conditioning of our thought process and what is holding our hand as we make the qualification or judgement calls on the issue that has come knocking. I believe, we more often than not play the game and it is only in desperation or the realization that we can't control the situation or perhaps, it becomes to difficult so we attempt to let go. What happens when it is something you feel you have the moral high ground on, such as a health related mater, a business decision or a relationship? Do you instinctively step into that 'parent knows best', 'I'm the elder here' or 'I've been there, done that'? What is holding your hand?

The basic rule of thumb I've found is "Acknowledge and Release". As a healer, I've realized you are only as clear as you are healed; therefore, you have to look at the Self in order to get beyond it. In doing this most of us realize we have to first see the issue in order to heal it then we must find the courage and faith to release it. What I realized recently was I was truly going through the "Acknowledge and Release" but what I was skipping to some degree was the "Embrace" component of this sweet puzzle. This inevitably brings it right back to my door again....lol. If you realize you are standing in such a space and you let it go without loving it, without embracing it for the gift that it has given, then it will return seeking balance and approval from within gentleness. It is like tossing your end of the rope up in the air, during a game of tug-of-war, thus causing the other end to fall backward from the sudden release. On the flip side, if you acknowledge the issue and then lovingly express to the party on the other end - "okay I understand and I surrender", this allows the other side, Choice. This moves everything into empowerment as you are choosing to acknowledge, embrace and let go of the rope. This moves everyone involved beyond the Control and Egoic Nature of the Self and allows Divine Balance. If you surrender in exasperation, then the backdraft will just return to you in one form or another because the acknowledgement was dismissed and the lesson pushed away to come again another day.

How interesting...
Can you embrace with your heart, your full heart and allow yourself to step back without judgement, fear, guilt or concern? Knowing that it may mean another you love falls? However, keep in mind, there is a difference in a fall when tossing up the rope without warning verses when you state your intention is to stop the game. That difference is when you tell them you understand and you step away then you have allowed them a choice in the game. Big Difference - don't you think?

Example: Getting off the See-Saw without warning (POW - OUCH) verses "Hey Les, I'm letting go of the rope! (Time to react and balance).

You see there is no fall back, friction or splash in the energy when you lovingly embrace and release for there is no action (ego or control) so there is no reaction (balance). The game is over instantly! Nowhere to go with the struggle but to make new choices and keep walking or find another partner to play with. Do you see the beauty in this concept? If you understand then you can quickly balance anything that comes to your door. For me, this understanding came with understanding the difference between empowerment and truth verses power and control. Yes, even control and ego can nicely mask themselves as the higher moral ground so if you feel you are choosing the higher ground, I'd ask myself - Is there really a higher ground when involved in a game of tug-of-war? No one can see what is on the scales when your focus is simply on trying to keep your side lighter or heavier; whatever the case my be. The true understanding comes in when you can allow yourself not to measure it, not judge it from any view and then you've handed the power back to the one that is seeking it and in turn, that allows them the full view of the issue as you are no longer standing in front of the door. They then have the choice - their freewill to step in or step out.

It?s a 1-2-3 process - Acknowledge, Embrace and Release.... With this, I was finally able to step beyond the issues and hug the beloved one on the other end of my rope... and the understanding and growth quickly became the wind under both our wings.

Forever spiraling on the winds of change and exquisite growth...
Love and Heart Blessings...


PS - Who is on the other end of your rope?

* A personal thank you to Jonathan for the pop quiz and to Fran and Steph for joining me in my study hall and turning on the lights.

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    Divine Balance:
Who's on the other end of your rope?

Leslie Palacio
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