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The Courage To Fly
Ann Falcongate

This was to be the trip of a life time, a chance to go back in time. Dr. H. B. Wallis had spent most of his life in research, to find a warp in the magnetic fields, that would allow one to travel through time, not only back but also allow you to go forward too. His research had taken him all over the world, and in his studies of all of the contents he was amazed to find that each one had its own magnetic pull but each grid seamed to inter lock with one in other, making it a complete grid system. He was fascinated with Egypt and how the pleiades of Orion lined up perfectly with the pyramids, and how the magnetic grid systems seemed to have such a strong pull there. He also discovered that by placing certain crystals in conjunctions with the pyramids and with Orion, that the vibrations coming off the crystals was so great, one could almost feel a universal language taking place. He was amazed at the color change within each crystal and how if he moved them just a little one way or the other, they would either loose or gain in the vibrational sound waves that was being read through his instrument readings. He had spent many years collecting data on this, checking and rechecking his settings and readings that all of the instrumental data had given him over the years. Then one night when a storm was on the horizon things begin going crazy with all of his instruments. The data coming in was being read faster then the printer could keep up with it, it was as if he had found the rife in the time lock he'd searched for. Something caught his attention, out of the corner of his left eye he seen the most amazing thing taking place out side his study. The winds were blowing unlike any thing he had seen or felt but still he stepped out side, to see if he was really seeing what he believed too be. His heart raced uncontrollable, for it was as if the universes itself had open up the door way to another realm and personally invited him to step inside. But could he? Dare he take the chance? and if he did what would he find on the other side of the rift. Would he be able to make the journey back to this time again to tell others he had found what he had searched for all of his life? Every nerve in his body was a live with excitement, his eyes could not contain the joy he was feeling inside, knowing that he was right in his theory of time travel. As he went back to get his notebook and pen he thought to himself, if I am to go I must leave documentation that my students will know my hard work has paid off and that I will return to tell them of everything I have seen and done. Without another word in a dark stormy Egypt night Prof. H. B. Wallis made a transaction from the earthy plane as we know it to a plane between the veil and earth. He had found a rift in time and dared to enter the portal that would take him to times and places beyond his imagination, and would live to tell others what he had seen and done on this trip of a life time. It has been document that the magnetic grids in our universe do have holes in them and on certain times of certain centuries if one holds the keys of courage and knowledge, they just may enter the time portals. But one must have the courage to fly, to spread its wings to charter unknown places whether on this earthly plane or on planes unknown. I place the keys in your hands what doors await you? Do you have the courage it takes to step beyond your comfort zone and move forward to places unknown to your soul? I give you a key may you fly beyond all you have ever dreamed of.

I love you all so dearly,
Ann Falcongate

(c) 2001-2007 Ann Falcongate - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

The Magic of A Word. My name is Ann Falcongate, and I am a keeper of Words, for there is so much beauty, and power in single a word. It can paint a picture of wonder and give the reader a sense of magic, to create movement in time. It gives one the feel, and the vibrations of waves to see a waltz being performed in front of your eyes. Spirit has graced me with the gift of painting pictures in words to open up the soul of those that read them. It may spark the fire of courage to be able to move forward. It might shower a soul so broken in spirit with a blanket of love, but in all it touches the vibrations within the spirits pathway with a light to see things on a different level.

May you always walk in the peace of who and what you are. A spirit of light that gives to all you touch.

Ann can be contacted c/o Editor@PathwaysWithin.com


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