~ Revealing the Self
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Gabriel's Message:
The Fragrant Essence of Earth's Blessed Morning-Glory

Wistancia Stone

My blessings, my greetings go cascading gently around you, softly embracing your countenance. I bow before you. I touch you with the wing on the right. A tear falls slowly on the channel?s face. Is it my tear? Is it her tear? We are one. And yet it falls. See your left hand cupped to catch this very precious tear. For it is a tear that comes from the heart and I give this to you, as a liquid reminder of the flow of God so burning within you. So striking a chord around you. So much opening up like a flower inside of you. You have such tears, such liquid gifts within your own hearts. Let them flow now. It is not a sad moment. It is a time of flow. Let the old energies flow out. Let the new ones flow in. They co-mingle and they bless, they kiss one another. The tops of the waves of the tears. The tips touching the other softly. For there is never a reason to go out against any old energy, any old belief, any person holding a position of duality, but only to touch, with the deepest love, with the deepest gratitude, with the deepest request for harmony. The Request for Harmony?

The Request to work together, to unity, to lift so that all come in to that one teardrop. So that all drop the density of anything that divides. But come into that One Shape of Love ? the heart. The heart shape. The teardrop. And that all lift and move within the waters of life that carry everything to the next step, next level, plateau, mountain. Valley, meadow, whatever you see, however you see it. Of evolution. Of consciousness.

Well, welcome! There are so many who wish to say that to you. All is well. And Come, come, come! Come into the New energies. Come in, past the veil. Come in and take your seat with All that Is. With the Allness. Find out how big it is! Find out how big you are. Find out how huge is the Divine Plan of this time. Find out how it touches everything. How the umbrella of this plan is a Universal one. As I broadcast to you it is a new time, a new era in the entirety of the Universe and with the Universe sitting embraced, cradled within the new spiraling, inspiring, transpiring Era ? it is a simple understanding that when large pictures change, they change the smaller parts of the picture. When large happenings happen, then small happenings all sort of quiver and change. They get relocated. They make a molecular shift. Plans at the highest level are deeply engaged at this time, in a Universal sense. And it is changing every bit of the worlds, all the levels, all the different precipices upon which someone could stand. Humm? And each level affects the next, going up, down, and all sides. Actually things are really not so discernible as really up and down and in a straight line.

The shifts are so grand that they create explosions of laughter among the angels and wonderful claps of thunder within the ?heavens.? And I, Gabriel, stand before you, simply loving this hour, simply loving this moment, this Now that we caress together. Simply placing the heart around it, the wings around it, embracing it. What can it bring forth? What flower can it bring forth? What Truth can come and be un-Earthed? That which has hidden, that seed which has hidden within the soil? What seed can then pop up its little head, seed of understanding, throw out a little shoot, humm, of Truth, of higher knowledge, of understanding, of new growth? Well, I would say at this time ?Gardens are Growing up! Gardens are growing up and Gardens are Glowing up for this is a wonderful time in many ways!?

And someone might say, ?But it is a difficult time on Planet Earth! For look at this little pocket here; where so much darkness is playing out. And this part here. And this part here that is opposing that part, holding out weapons that can destruct and hurt. And all the ones that are caught in between and all of this and all of that; many bits of chaos can be seen very many places. And someone could say, ?Well, Gabriel, why are you so happy?? But perhaps it is that I can see ahead, that I can see within, that I can see all around. And I can understand with compassion and yet have joy. For the whole whole Era is setting up to be quite good. Quite wonderful and quite rapid within change. And Your World will definitely, most definitely recover from the shockwaves of some of the events that have gone forth. And please understand there is no death. There is trans-formation of energy.

Please understand that everything is energy. Every single thing. Every thought. Every feeling. Every tear. Every chair that you sit upon has multiple particles of energy all moving; nothing still. Nothing is as it would seem. Nothing solid as it might appear. The world of appearances! Not quite the way it really is. And yet transformation at a very high level is coming to a planet nearby and it is the one you reside upon. And we will simply say that things are going well. Negotiations are taking place at many levels which will shift many things at other levels, for energy is always connected. Do you think that what happens on the sun does not affect what happens in your solar system? Do you think that what happens at another sun, farther away (from you) perhaps does not affect what happens to the sun to which you are most in exchange with? Do you think that the thoughts of an ascended master on a galactic level do not shift the thoughtforms on the Earth? Do you think that your cells within your body do not shift and change, alter, breathe and make pathways to the New? When all the other frequencies start to alter and change?

Energy touches energy. Energy stretches out and has a little something to say about all other energy. It is like a huge ocean. Where does the water start, the water end? What is the middle of it? The water is always sort of coalescing with the water ?next? to it. Oh yes, if you took a microscope, with a large capacity perhaps you could really see all the molecules and it wouldn?t look like a blanket of waves. You would see separate molecules perhaps. But they are linked, just as all the grains of sand, so separate, so unique, with all their little edges and geometries, so sharp, so accurately different and unique, and yet ? joined together to create a carpet of sand upon which to walk and feel the softness of and the warmth of. Looking one way, breaking down in another way.

Have you any idea how many particles, how many energies are running in so many geometric patterns inside every cell, every atom in your body? Every chakra beginning to swell with the shift at hand, to turn itself into clusters, to turn itself into formations that were not the way they were before. And the skin itself starts to move and shift, to change. The hair on your head, the activity, the capacity of the eyes. The way that energy flows throughout the organs. And the way that you on the Earth are connected through Lines of Light to the other parts of you that live in lives in simultaneity, perhaps quite different than your life here, but nonetheless living a life, concurrently with this one, in another kind of body, in another kind of level, in another kind of world, in a different kind of consciousness, in a whole different setting? And yet how different is it? How one is it? How connected is it? How separate is it? How separate is anything? Questions and answers. How they are all one.

What a wonderful time! We welcome you to a Time of Magic! A time of dramatic change, of shift. And soon it will be that everyone who lives upon the Earth and walks around in the body of the Earth, will be able no longer to hide from this knowing. That which has been obvious to the clairvoyant. That which has been very obvious to the spiritual person who has done many openings here and there. To the one who meditates. To the one who heals. The movement of energy, the understandings. To the average, if there is one, perhaps, unawakened citizen, if there is one. To each one, these wondrous changes of evolving energy, of forms shifting out and coming in to higher forms shall become Very Clear. And the understanding that comes with the vibration that ascends brings the Peace that puts a certain rest upon the questions. That puts a certain rest upon the answers. Upon the mind. Upon the encounters with confusion. And everything takes a breath of new life! And this is the magic, right around the corner. >From everyone. From you. From everyone else. Everyone that you see in a day. Everyone that you do not see in a day. And all who live on the Planet Earth.

And I am here to say that the Divine Plan is about All Ascensions. Unity is what is at hand. Unity and harmony is what is being worked out and worked upon at the highest levels of Creation and it comes all the way down into your DNA! You are part of all of that. You are part of the plan. The plan is a living plan; a plan that is alive. You are not lesser; it is not greater. It is all One Plan.

And so it is a little bit like ?Fasten your seatbelt, for you are in for the ride of your life!? As time begins to be very strange and elusive, like a butterfly that you see one moment and cannot see the next moment. Then all of a sudden it is the next day. And perhaps it is that the butterfly appears in the sky once more, in a flower once more. In a Morning-glory. Ah! The Glory of Morning. The glory of the start of a fresh new day. This is the essence of this time. The essence of the Morning-glory! And I place that flower now into your heart.

May you know the glory of each morning. And may you step away from all mourning of sadness, of difficulty, of treachery, of conflict, the push and pull of duality, of aggression and control ? and fear most of all! For fear is that energy pattern that is so slow that it can slow down something wonderful that is happening. It can put up a blinder. Fear is that cloud that comes momentarily and can be powerful enough to hide the sun. To hide the rays. To make one suspect that it is cloudy. It is fearfull. It is without the brightness that truly is there. But just as the sun goes nowhere, it is still there, beating with its heart ? a cloud is just a momentary curtain, a veil, so to speak, and there have been many veils and ? yes, they are coming down.

So we greet you and we honor you and we call you ?morninglory? for the glory of all the wonder that is happening in this moment that we share is something that is flickering with a light that is within you. You can?t get your hands upon it. Can?t quite wrap your total mind around it. Can not quite reinstate your memory about it, perhaps. Or even quiet or still some of the questions and some of the little seeds of fear that can crop up around something that is not so known, or unknown, or not known about. But in many ways, you are prepared, you are ready, you are understanding. Standing under the glory of This Morning. You are! With an openness. With a desire to be part of it. With a desire to be within it and to assist others. And to just really sing loudly now, with a choir of angels. Knowing that the movement of the energy of the notes of music and that vibration so high in itself can perhaps be like an opera, hmm? Sing a story. And allow the wonderful history of Planet Earth to sharply shift into such a new level that level of the New Earth, that I shall call The Blessed Earth of Morning Glory!

Many things cannot be said all at once. No master shows the whole hand. Yes, there is a gameplan. Yes, there are many things to announce. Yes, it is also time to be silent. It is the quiet before the storm. And the storm is simply the time when the winds of change blow so swiftly and so powerfully, that everyone begins to come into the Fulfillment of their purpose here. Of your purpose here. Indeed.

It is a very wide understanding that wants to be known. It is my feeling that perhaps this hour might be broadcast in a certain way, removing the personal, and might be utilized to assist others?keeping similar tallies within the mind, but perhaps not knowing where to place them. How to decipher them. How to decode them. Who to carry them to. And who to trust. So perhaps it is that the channel will use this for the questions are quite good?

You seem to be wrapping your energies around what has been called the New Energies. Let us say something about the New energies. Perhaps we may play on words and say that they are energies that most on Earth did not know about. I didn?t know that! It wasn?t known to me. And at another time I will say, I knew that. Oh, you knew the new energies. Let us say that the new energies for Earth may be not such new energies for somewhere else. Let us say that what is new for one might be millions of years old for another. But let us also say that at the same time, when everything is connected and it all comes through one part rising into a new configuration of itself, then in one sense it is ?New? for all. There is a Precipice that the entire Universe is poised upon at this time. Therefore, even those certain energies that have not played out on Old Earth that will be present on New Earth, that are now present in many extra-terrestrial worlds, many levels and qualities of higher civilizations that have known such energies and known such levels of harmony already, however, there is a wonderful moment of birth taking place that is also Universal. A unity that has not quite happened before. A breath that has not yet been breathed before! So that Everything at the highest level affects everything at the smallest level and it goes the other way, so even the archangels are singing about this ?new moment? and the ?new energies.? But there are many considerations within what is meant, when words are spoken.

Could it be that the energies that you consider or call ?light? and those that you call ?dark? and those that you call sort of a mixture of the two, could it be that they exist off the Earth? That they exist at higher levels? Could it be that they exist at very high levels? But that they are perhaps working in a different way then what you would suspect. It isn?t that nuclear bombs are created at the higher levels. It isn?t that one ?country? controls the other or takes the vote away from another. It is not like it is in one place like the way it is in another place. Even countries on your planet Earth are very different in the way that they do things. But Earth is not the only place in the Universe that has that sort of pattern of light and dark. So understand that a new moment, a new breath, a morning-glory for the Universe, so to speak, is also about coming into a higher point of unity and harmony, so that the Creation, so that the Universe, so that the galaxies, so that all the solar systems and every planet and your own and your body -?all, including God Mother and God Father - that all come into a New Energy. Into a higher part of Self. Into Evolution. Into evolvement. So that Love Itself goes up on the musical charts! Becomes the hit. And stays upon the charts forevermore, everlasting! That would be quite a crescendo. So please understand that it is not only on Earth, but Everywhere, that the breath is being breathed.

And therefore it doesn?t really equate totally, it isn?t the full story, that when someone ascends and their planet ascends into the New Earth ? that you hear about or talk about, even though everybody describes it in a different way ? doesn?t mean necessarily that every little bit of trouble, every little bit of disharmony everywhere is erased. Is gone. It is a process. Ascension is a process. It is not an event. It does not take place just in one second. It is a ripple. It is that old story of the beaver gnawing away at the dam. Two weeks of gnawing away at the wood. A lot of earnestness. A lot of work, service, love. Blood, sweat and tears perhaps. And then one last little bit of chewing and the dam breaks open and the water flows freely. And someone can say, ?Well, the ascension of that water took place right there, at that moment, when the dam collapsed and water went to a new level.? But what about those two weeks? Wasn?t it all part of it? Was it that one moment or was it the whole thing? Hmm? And when that water rushes out and touches to another level of life and changes that, there will be a lifting there as well. It all doesn?t happen at the same time, in one way. Let us say that in the Universe, things might take longer. Because the Universe holds all the other realities. Let us say that if you have a home where you have three people living, perhaps they have a little interaction. But what about a home where there are twenty people living? Even the discussion about dinner will perhaps take longer. Do you see what I mean? So, yes, many things go up at this wonderful time that is so talked about and is so excited about upon the Earth. But everything has to be taken into consideration. And things do not move quite as fast in one way at the bigger levels. But, of course, they DO move. And it is all one.

So someone needs to sort of bear all of that in the heart and in the mind. Less is stopping you now from profoundly experiencing those new truths. Again, are the truths new or have they just been hidden? Are they new? Does it mean that your counterpart in another world doesn?t know it? I would say this: I would say that your higher self, in the next world up where you reside, as another part of you, that many of the things that are new to you are not new to that part! Which is one reason why that part has been assisting you to come along. And let us say that what if there was a home, a mansion ? you have heard a lot about the mansion world of God? Or the Creational Mansion. Where there are many levels, many stories, like a castle? And maybe humanity where you have been living, of which you are most in remembrance about is on the first floor. Think of it as the basement perhaps. There?s been a lot of ? you?ve been in the dark quite a lot on Earth. I don?t mean in darkness, but just not in ?remembrance,? just not in ?knowingness,? like consciousness of past lives, not in awareness of ? and abilities at certain levels. It wasn?t part of the plan, perhaps, well there are many things to say about that. But there has been a little bit of what you call Veils of Separation.

Yes. So what if humanity?s level was on the first floor or the basement and what if the extra-terrestrials were living a floor up, the extra-terrestrial worlds of light, those higher civilizations. Something new to the basement or the first floor might be utilized quite well on the second floor. What if there is a lamp on the second floor that just doesn?t live in the basement so that it is just a little darker there. What about the third level? What if the third story had a certain group of angelics and maybe they don?t even work with lamps. What about the fourth floor and the fifth and what if there were many many levels and floors? What if there were floors in-between the floors? What if the whole Creation was more vast then you could ever imagine so that then you would step aside and say, ?I am asking a lot of questions. But who am I? Who am I really? How many parts of me are there? What is ?new? really? What are Truths? What is Truth? Is Truth always true. Is it always the truth? What is energy? Does energy always connect? Does energy always affect everything? Is every thought an energy? How much do I know about energy? How much do I know about Truth? What do I know about the word ?new?? Old? What do I know about myself? Who am I? What am I? And what is my purpose? And what is my purpose within my purpose, if I had an existence in other floors? Then what would my purpose be, in the castle??

So let us say that a lot will be lifted for humanity very soon. Let us say that Truth that has not been understood or even thought about, will be arriving. Carried into the mind by guides. Caressed into the heart by angels. Spoken in a certain frequency by one who knows or who has learned them. And when the speaking comes forth and the frequency comes out, that frequency will go and it will inspire another frequency to understand. So that critical mass it achieved very quickly of these things?Much more profound, out of time and out of space experience and understanding, remembrance and expanded definitions, expanded abilities [is coming]. When someone is ready to know a truth, it will set them free. All truths are not to be given out at the same time. Many are hidden, many are secret. Many are to be discovered from within, not given out from without?Knowledge is not meant to be held away from you. It will come. Your preparation brings it closer. Each step opens up a window. All the windows are not opened up at once, nor the doors. It is a process. What I can say is that the process is proceeding quite steadily, quite swiftly, quite deliberately and it does have a strong plan and purpose in place.

No one will be left out. In the minds of humanity, many feel, Oh, well, there are so many people who aren?t ready. All those people over there are not ready! I say, ?Remember a time when you were not ready. Remember a time when perhaps talking about an extra-terrestrial brought up fear in you. Or maybe someone said they saw an angel in their room the other night and you would have said, ?Oh, yeah. I am not sure you are telling the truth there.?? Perhaps there was a time when you didn?t think that certain things were possible. Now you are feeling that so much is possible, probable and is already happening. And you are trying to perceive those changes. Really sort of get inside of them and notice them, for you know they are happening. Even the invisible ones. That you can?t really prove yet, but you know that it is taking place. So understand when a planet moves into Ascension mode, critical mass occurs very quickly. Many who you believe now could not possibly be ready, well I am here to say that they will be. They won?t be left out. If a conscious choice is made not to grow, that is different. If a conscious choice is made not to ascend, then perhaps it will be honored. Free will is honored. No one is forced into growth, into evolution, into ascension, into higher footing. No one is going to be forced onto higher ground.

But when the heart changes, then the person is a different person. When the mind changes and new thinking comes in, then the thoughtforms of yesteryear that kept one blocked, that kept one away from Truth, is no longer there to be the block that it was. When the cloud moves away from the sun, the sun shines with nothing to block its shine! And with the changes taking place in the biology of humanity along the changes that steam up from within the Earth herself changing you when you sit upon Her surface, and the changes that beam down from all angles and sides from The Universe ? I would say it would surprise you at how few will be left out. Many of them are choosing now to leave.

Of course it will become easier, much easier to become aware of what you call the Superconscious mind, the connection to the Eternal, the connection to Mother God and Father God. The connection to ancestors in the light. Extra-terrestrial extended families. Angelic lineages. All of this. As the perceptions within the mind open up, as the dormant programs within the DNA burst forth, as the frequency changes within the brain, as everything becomes new, you become really different. Really a new person. It is not that you become a walk-in. But you become a different person. Where you were locked out, trapped out, blocked out, in one sense, you will not be so. Where you were living in the basement, making the most of it, enjoying many beautiful things in the basement, not even knowing anything about the other floors. Maybe in very much peace, very much contentment, having a good time in the basement. When you go up to the first floor, things will be different. Abilities will be different. Access to things will be different. Of course! There are more windows on the first floor. More windows as you go up. Things will be a lot easier.

But let us say that in the interim period, which is short, shorter than you think, and without the intensity of the fire of change that is speeding everything along, there can be a certain amount of time, as you would call it, for a certain number of individuals, who have a certain kind of understanding or a certain amount that they must clear out in order to prepare, - so that for some it might be very intense for a short period of time. For some it might be very intense for a longer period of time. For others it might be not so intense for the duration. And for some it might be very fun. Very enjoyable. Let us also say that it is different for everyone. For some it will be a little more intense in the physical form that has to do with many factors, including where the origin of that person really is. For others, it might be a little more difficult within the emotions. Maybe for some who are locked into finances the way they are on current Earth, to possessions the way that they are on current Earth, to government and certain ways of being, maybe even religions ? if they are locked into certain concepts that have been prevalent on the Earth ? to the degree that they are locked in or invested into certain things being a certain way ? they might have a difficulty in their mental body. So it is very different for everyone which is one reason why it is so good that everyone come together. The animals are assisting with their hearts. Everyone is involved in this shift. Plants are involved, animals, minerals, people. Everyone. And even those dimensions of your current Earth that you generally do not think of as dimensions, the nature dimensions, the fairy and elf communities, and of course the astral levels, the death kingdom ? still part of Earth and going through massive shift and change now. For deliverance. For ascension. For redemption. For new growth. For the approach of the Morning?s glory. Yes!

I would like to empower that all the people, no one would be left out! So definitely in one way it will be much easier. Especially if the alternative would be another 2000 years of difficulty. So when you ask a question you have to understand that many things are being said. Many factors come in. Is it more difficult to have some difficulty for 10,000 years or to have a short span of a little intensity that only lasts a few moments? Perhaps everyone has a different answer.

When you begin to remember a little bit more about your True Self it will bring a peace to you that will pass forward into your consciousness, the peace that does come forth from understanding. And it will color all of your days and all of your nights, incarnated on this Earth and it will assist in your shift, function and purpose in relation to the New Earth. You will indeed reconnect. You will indeed move forward. You will indeed feel more of the fullness of your consciousness. Feel more of the joy of knowing and being connected. And you will not have the words to describe it! Some people upon the Earth have experienced this shifting of energy already. They are here, more or less, to assist the transition for it is somewhat in their memory. Some have full memory. Some have partial memory. And some just ?know? that they have experienced it before because they simply seem to know what to do. Some believe they have never had an experience as what is occurring now. For there are a set of individuals who have lived many many many many lifetimes on the Earth where those frequencies were not above the basement, so to speak.

I offer to you a little picture. Two grains of sand, very unique, not the same, hold together because of their geometries. Angles fit into other angles and the intricate patterns interlock the grains and hold them in a kind of coherence. Could it be similar? When someone puts a little bridge of water down between the two grains of sand, such as a child playing at the beach, then the water creates a bridge and it is a quite easy passage where for a moment the two grains of sand, sort of, hold together. And let me say that the passage to New Earth shall be just as comfortable in one way. And natural in one way, as what I have described. But, of course, that was only a picture of reality. It could be said that it will feel like a comfortable bridge of sorts provide the transition. But again this is just a picture.

There is always a greater plan for your future evolution. All the smaller plans fit into the larger plan. It is like the children who have the large set of cups of different colors and different sizes. And the parents are so delighted when the child can place each cup inside the next, inside the next and inside the next. The new energies are about changing everything on the Earth, as you know it. Therefore, they are about the shift to the New Earth and the eventual shift being out of this older Earth. So the plan is a plan that holds everything up, that touches upon all of life, so that the planet goes up and so does everything?.
It is not a staircase. It is not a straight line. It is a spiraling form of cell, atom, planet, galaxy, universe all spinning into a whole new garment. And the garment gets more refined. And the plan holds all of these places. Is that a good way to say it? Cup within cups. And all take an evolutionary jump, but let us say that some jumps seem more dramatic because they are being done at the smaller level.

The new energies and frequencies that are incoming to the planet are indeed affecting everything incarnate upon the Earth. Even those substances, like rocks, that people do not believe are alive. All beings upon the Earth and elsewhere will be affected and are. Everything is connected. Think of the next step as the New Earth. It does not mean that that is the highest step that there is anywhere. The New Earth resides on the second floor when it happens. It doesn?t jump up to the fifth floor or the sixth floor. It doesn?t mean that the New Earth travels into the highest step possible. It does not mean that it is in the lightest step that exists. It is however going to be much lighter than it was. Things go in a progression, even if it is a little faster than what has been called ?normal.? There is no normal. But there is what might be called a little more of a natural progression? Some things will not be necessary anymore. And some things will just have another form. There is always evolving. The mind doesn?t have to go from nothing to all, or from all to nothing. Much much more light will be a dramatic difference even if it does not mean the highest light. New Earth will not exist in the highest light but it will be much much more than it now is

Everyone on earth at this time has a different blueprint, you could say. Not everyone has the same. You might say that different people evolve to different levels of consciousness. What if there was a person incarnated on Earth who really generally lived, say, on the 10th floor or the fifth floor. But they came to the Earth for a purpose and for a function that they performed. Perhaps it was mostly it was to assist in this ascension. They might pack their bags and go back to live in their old room on the fifth floor and continue performing a function that they may have put on hold for a bit. Maybe they just need to go up to the third floor. Maybe they have bodies in both. Maybe some will commit to staying and building up the new floor and the society there. There will be a lot of work to do, many sleeves to roll up. Much work to seed a new planet. But the consciousness will be ripe for more perfection and more harmony. Some will go to live lives on the New Earth, some will go as healers or teachers or city builders. Maybe they will stay for a while, maybe for a long time. What is a while? What is long? Everyone works hand in hand, but not everyone present on the Earth now will have the same experience on the New Earth. Many many possibilities of position and duration and all manner of things. Many lightworkers have come forth from higher stations than the New Earth will be so they may return. Please be aware of the many levels of existence that there are and how they all intersect.

The consciousness that the masses now hold is changing. Mass consciousness is in flux. It?s fluctuating. Mass consciousness shall become of a higher harmony, a higher harmonic. The consciousness of the masses is going up and the harmony that will exist upon New Earth as evidenced by the mass consciousness at the end of this period will be markedly different and changed. Therefore I would like to say that all humanity will be affected. As the channel likes to say, when everything changes, it changes everything. When a person?s chakras change, then the energy systems and centers within them and the way that energy is processed in all the different functions of what you call the chakra column, change. It is almost as different as going from using fossil fuels and beginning to use and utilize free energy. Maybe the houses will still cool. Maybe cars will still be moving, but they will be moving and empowered by a different energy and the experience will be fully different.

The thoughts have to change. When a person undergoes transformation, they cannot exist holding on to the same patterns of thinking. It will have to change and it will. The capacity of the human being is much much greater than anyone imagines or knows. And the human being, remember, beloveds, has a Divine Spark. Has a point of Spirit that totally knows all of this. The ascension. The purpose. The harmony. The beauty. If there is a period of time when humanity is feeling disassembled like a clock with all the workings set out on the table and it isn?t working the way that it once was ? someone can say, ?Can you put this clock back together again?? I would say, ?that clock is not meant to be put back together again in the old way, but it shall be reassembled in a new way. And it will work differently. More in harmony. More in love.? This indeed is forthcoming.

That which is on the horizon by the very act of being on the horizon makes everything that has been around for a while just a little bit old. If a truth is indeed a higher truth and is indeed a Universal law it will endure. And if it was sung about or written about or taught or trained within, then it is still valid and it has its place and its purpose. Some things that have gotten humanity to a certain point, some models of reality that have pointed the way to a certain degree and are no longer as plausible, as viable or as necessary ? may drop out. In other words, when someone goes past the point of what the tools have assisted to help that person arrive at, then the tools no longer are needed. Then they fall by the wayside. Truth never gets old. Does it have to be accessed in the way that it once was? I would say no. Can it still be assisting? I can say yes for many or for some. Everyone stands at a slightly different point. Someone might be able to access a memory or talk to a guide and get a very instant gratifying message or explanation. Maybe someone else will find it in a book. All of this will change as telepathy comes into being, as higher knowledge shifts the vibration of each one so that their vibration is reverberating at a higher point and they ?become? an instrument of Truth and clarity. Will this all happen at once? No. There will need to be people who will explain the changes to those who go through the changes but lack the understanding. Perhaps their hearts are golden and true but they do not have a clue, in one way, of what is happening. When someone dies who is very conscious of death, they know that they have died when they arrive in the death kingdom. There are those who arrive and they do not know that they have passed and someone is there to assist and to guide. Perhaps an angel to wrap the wing around. It has not been the same for everyone. But it will be wonderful, much more harmonious, and already a round of applause in the heavens for that lifting and for that new song being sung. And death will not be as it is now.

Do not worry about anything. What you are not certain about, you will become more certain about as your time moves forward. Many things that you do not now know, you will soon know or know about. Convey the truth as you know it. Just become. Then just be yourself. All you can do is share what you know and who you are. Share what you feel. What you think at the time. It will change. Realize it will change even more, but it may still be valid now. Tune in to the person in front of you. See how sacred every moment is. Be in the heart. Let the heart rule. See who the person is. What they need. Where a fear might still be. No one needs the whole story. They need the part, the chapter where they are at. Masters never show their whole hand, for it is too much. It is overwhelming and it is inappropriate. Knowledge at the wrong time can be at a frequency that can do harm. Understands this. Start with the heart; it knows what to do and what to say. And if there is an uncertain moment, be in silence. Wait. Let Spirit choose. If you do not know the best way to proceed, then simply wait. How simple an answer and yet how sincere? You do not have to offer to someone a whole library. Perhaps it is simply a flower. Perhaps it is simply a frequency, a vibration. A hand to hold. Eyes that can look into the other one. A few words carefully chosen. You do not have to drink the whole ocean; one drop can quench the thirst. Be where you are. No one knows the whole story. Ascension is there for everyone. The more understanding there is, the easier transition will be. But the new reality is coming. It is good to understand, to have a grasp. And when someone is ready and someone wants to share it is good to share what you know, what you feel?

Just offer. Fill yourself up. When you are fulfilled, then you are like a pitcher that then can fill the other glasses. All you have to do is put a little tilt. The glass has to be under there willingly and then it is perfect. And this will happen more. You start by recognizing that each one that comes before you is unique and yet all one. Follow Spirit, Spirit knows. Be in the heart, the heart knows. And when there is an unknowing, then go seek the heart some more. So it is flowing, So it is honest, so it is real. If it is real, it will prevail.

When the big things happen, the little things all come and find their place. When the big things change, the little things change as well.

Pass on to others what you understand and know. Let it be a flow. Where it is more difficult and uncertain, perhaps it is a time to wait. To get more familiar with the waters in that part of the ocean. Pretty soon you will be swimming in the depths of the ocean and you will look back on the time of wondering how to do it, and how not to do it, how much and how little and you will understand that you moved right through those waters. This is not a time to fear coming forward and being part of the changes. Let this time be like the bird preparing to fly out of the nest. Preparing to soar through the skies and discover a bigger reality. Once the bird takes flight, the wings take over. They had a function all along and they know just what to do. Think of it as the dormant angel in you. Come forward and open the wings of your heart and discover how good it feels to be active now, without fear. To really let the heart take you places. To take you into the glory of a New Morning!

through Wistancia

(c) 2001-2007 Wistancia Stone - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

At this point in time, Wistancia Stone is progressing consciously into her Divine Self, the energy of who she really is, and what she is supposed to really do on Earth. Presently she is getting closer to the answers and the understandings of her Divine purpose on Earth, and everything that is connected with her True Origin and Deepest Purpose.

Wistancia works on Earth as a messenger and representative for Creational Energies, Divine energies, Angelic energies and the Spirit of Oneness. She teaches three levels of Universal White Time Healing in workshops in her home. She also works with The Golden Movement, which represents the power and energy of the Universe. She assists the transition to the New Earth as a NET teacher (New Earth Teacher) and can initiate others into this training. She also works with Ascension clearing, activation, counseling, channeling and creative meditation. She has authored two books; Invocations to the Light and Empowerment and Integration Through the Goddess. In her daily lightwork, she facilitates global personal sessions and training, writes articles and updates during Earth's transition to New Earth.

If you are interested in Universal White Time Training, NET training, or doing personal sessions, you can contact her:





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