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Julia Gauvin

In the morning there was such stillness, as the first lights of day appeared over the mountain. Across the fields, the slight sliver of a moon hovered faintly. The emerging glow of the sun and the fading form of the moon faced each other across the valley. At this moment it was difficult to tell if it was the day or the night that was about to begin, the two opposites were so perfectly balanced. The faint golden pink of morning bled into the azure blue of night halfway across the sky. Here and there across the fields the new growths of spring had begun to flourish between the heavy patches of snow that still remained. Spring was coming; or was it the summer that was going and inter now returning?

In this moment of opposites, there was no sense of conflict. There was a harmony that made a complete picture of exquisite beauty. Each utter opposite contributed to the presence, accented the existance of the other, allowing another life to be born. Nothing seemed to be misplaced or destructive to the other. There was even no sense of separation, or opposites at all.

Yet beyond my valley today the world raged on again in hate and distrust. Man could not learn his lessons from the simple harmony of nature around him. Each person, each country was like a self-absorbed island trying to impose their views and power on the other, until one would become so big that all the small ones would come to destroy it. There continued this struggle for power, for dominance, for one way over another. There is little tolerance, acceptance of one another, or mutual support. Only a struggle for assertion of identity, a war for control. One side pushes out and the other pushes back; and in the end there is only loss, emptiness and separation. Fear and anger spreads into more fear and anger. The path has no resolution in itself. The world is a family. We are not different or separate from each other. Only when we know that, there willl be harmony in this world. There is no freedom or peace that is born out of the suffering of others. Each day we can open to find peace in our own hearts; and peace in our family. It is enough just to do that, to live a life that does no harm.

The snow was just beginning to melt now in the warming morning air and the green shoots of the plants could be seen poking through. The new moon had slipped beneath the far hills and the sky was brightening in the golden tones of day. The moment of balance has passed now, yet there was no sense of loss or death. There was no particular moment when one had started and the other had ended. It was the night that had now made the day apparant, the cold snow that made the spring so alive. The was no struggle in these contrasts, no push for power, never a hint of disharmony. The stillness was gone now, and the air filled with the songs of awakening birds.


(c) 2001-2007 Julia Gauvin - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

About the Artist:
Julia received an MFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She paints visionary art and book illustrations, and teaches art.

Julia can be reached c/o editor@pathwayswithin.com


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