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Your Indigo Child
Dr. Joy Dunkin

(As a facilitator and as a teacher of healing and returning to wholeness, I am especially protective of these special children, and for that reason, I provide this information to a parent WHO HAS REQUESTED IT or who is seeking it, rather than just pushing it on the parent, because "pushing it" on the parent IS NOT in the best interest of these special children.)

To understand, what I am about to say, requires that you (the parent) first understand that your child is not her/his physical body. The physical body is the vehicle by which she/he lives and navigates through a physical life in physical form in this physical third dimension of time and space. Your child is a Soul, a mighty and powerful Soul, who uses the physical body to physically navigate her/his way through a physical world. Metaphysically (or beyond the physical) your child is a Being of Light - - and when I say a Being of Light, that has NOTHING to do with the Angel Lucifer. It has EVERYTHING to do with the Creator Of All Life, The Infinite Intelligence, The Source Of All That Is, God.

In the 1980's these mighty and powerful Souls started coming to Earth in large quantities, born into tiny little baby bodies like any other Soul who comes to Earth to live life in physical form. BUT THESE BABIES ARE NOT LIKE THE OTHER BABIES WHO HAVE BEEN BORN ON EARTH FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS. These mighty Souls in little baby bodies have come to Earth with an extreme specific purpose - - to be "The System Busters," which is translated literally to be THE ONES who crack open the matrix that holds in place the paradigm by which all humans must function in this physical third dimension of time and space.

This matrix was set into motion approximately 3,600 years ago. It is a matrix of patriarchal authority and war. This matrix was created by those, who are of a greed and abusive power consciousness, to control and manipulate humanity and human consciousness. And it worked. It will also DESTROY the planet and all life on this planet unless the matrix can be cracked. God (or whatever name you choose to call The Infinite Intelligence) has directly intervened and has sent a mighty, powerful, and highly evolved grouping of specialized Beings or Souls to crack open this matrix. Their purpose is to be "The System Busters," and their mission is to crack open the matrix, which prevents humanity from evolving physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. These are ancient ancient Beings of Light and Wisdom and Power, who have ALREADY MASTERED this portion of evolution that the rest of humanity is now dealing with and struggling to get through and get beyond and be on the other side of it.

These children are NOT NORMAL by any means of measuring NORMAL that the matrix permits us to use for measuring NORMAL. These children do NOT care about that - - this matrix is of NO authority to them - - they do NOT respect it or give any allegiance to it - - BECAUSE THEIR AUTHORITY COMES DIRECTLY FROM THE INFINITE INTELLIGENCE, GOD, THE SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS. Even though patriarchal authority has taught humanity that such authority can only be ordained and given by religious male leaders, these children totally blow off that type of authority, BECAUSE THEIR AUTHORITY AS BEINGS OF LIGHT COMES DIRECTLY FROM THE SOURCE OF LIGHT - - that would be God.

Being on Earth this time around has been a sad and difficult experience for some of these children, because first of all remember that they did their evolution in consciousness eons and eons ago. To come back "DOWN" into this level of consciousness, that is so greatly enmeshed and dense, is no easy thing to do and survive doing it. It is very very hard on them. If it were not for WHO THEY ARE, they would not be able to survive it - - they would become enmeshed in it like the rest of us Souls have become. Their way to survive it in their childhood or long enough to reach adulthood, where they can really BUST LOOSE, is for them to remain "in resistance? to the matrix. And so they do RESIST everything that is relative to the matrix. They have to remain in resistance - - they have to. And thank God, MOST OF THEM will make it into adulthood.

Metaphysicists have given a name to these special children - - "Indigo Children" or "Indigo's". They started coming to the Earth in droves in the 1980's, and now in the years of the 2000's almost without exception every child born on Earth is a highly highly evolved spiritual being - - they are ALL "system busters.? By the year 2012 we will be well aware of the magnificence of these children as they lead humanity "through" consciousness evolution. Those children, who are teenagers now, would have been among the "early ones" to come and to begin the process of cracking open the matrix. What does that tell you about their power and their direct connection to The Source?

Well here it is - - God sent IN these "first line" Beings of Light to anchor upon the Earth their consciousness Grid of Light that would support and sustain the rest of these Beings of Light who were to follow. The "first ones" had it really tough, because their Grid to support their being here was not yet anchored, and sadly some of them did not survive being here. These early ones, the first ones, are tough little guys - - in reality they are MASTER BEINGS AND MASTER TEACHERS, AND MASTER BUILDERS, who have come to show us the way out of this matrix of hell, war, and patriarchal consciousness. Humanity would NEVER have made it without them nor would have the planet Earth made it without them. Now there is hope, and these children, The Indigo?s,? will lead us through it.

The Indigo children love to be around Sage, whether it is a Sage plant or the aroma of burning Sage. The aroma of Sage opens up their memory banks - - their data banks - - the Soul Memory that we retain through eons and eons of life experiences that have allowed us to consciously evolve to whatever level of consciousness we are currently at. When Sage is burned, the aroma goes DIRECTLY TO THE AMYGDALA OF THE BRAIN, and the amygdala releases the soul memory that we have stored in the "BONE MARROW" of our physical bodies. Science KNOWS this part about the bone marrow (although science has not released the truth to us). Science knows that the cells in the bone marrow are like no other cells in the human body - - these are the SEED CELLS that contain all of the memory (the data banks) of physical life in physical form on the planet Earth. Science, in the early 1990's, announced that these SEED CELLS (which they later changed the name to be ?stem cells?) can be found in one other place in the physical human body - - and that is in the umbilical cord. They discovered this because they were researching WHY THE CHILDREN BEING BORN NOW HAVE EXTRAORDINARY ABILITY TO "RESIST" (such as to "resist" disease, but also to just plain RESIST anything that is part of the matrix to which they are born).

Science has only let us have the information regarding bone marrow transplants, cancer treatments, and also cloning. So, there began this massive PUSH to get mothers to sign over the release of the umbilical cord after the delivery and birth of the child. The cells in the umbilical cord, just like in the bone marrow, contain the SEED CELLS and the SEED CELLS contain the memory banks of ALL OF HUMAN EVOLUTION - - ALL OF IT. We humans are only using a tiny portion of it physically BECAUSE OF THE MATRIX that we are functioning in consciousnessly - - but it is ALL THERE FOR US and available to us when the matrix is busted open, and we can be free of this present matrix. What the aroma from burning sage does, is that it activates the "amygdala" in the brain which in turn opens up the Soul's memory banks that are stored in the bone marrow. Sage is good stuff - - it is not a hallucinogen - - Sage is an earth-herb of truth and will put a person on a natural (not a drug) spiritual high that re-connects the body (the physical) with the Soul (the spiritual).

The Indigo children are often (I would say ?usually?) rejected by religious youth groups, because the leaders of these groups have the attitude that it is better to lose one than to contaminate and lose the entire group. I have been made aware of this from more than one real-life situations. I was raised and steeped in the tradition of Christianity, and I KNOW that the above mentioned attitude of today?s youth group leaders and youth ministers is NOT from the teachings and the examples of Jesus (which of course they claim it is). I KNOW that Jesus would have gone through hell and high water to save THAT ONE, even though He already had 99 others. I KNOW that these Indigo children have been sent here to cause trouble with the full authority of God - - they are System Busters, for God's sake. What do System Busters do - - they crack open the matrix that has enslaved humanity and human consciousness.

I hope you are spiritually navigating your way through all that I have written here. The only way you are going to be able to understand this is to understand it on a Soul level (a spiritual level) which is outside of the matrix. If you attempt to understand it on a physical level, you cannot, because your physicalness is trapped in the matrix.

So Mote It Be

(c) 2001-2007 Dr. Joy Dunkin - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Dr. Joy Dunkin is the President/Executive Director of Water Wisdom Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization "teaching the experience of Living Waters." Joy holds a Ph.D. in Holistic Health Sciences, M.S. in Natural Health, B.A. in Industrial Relations, and she is a certified clinical hypnotherapist. In her private counseling business for six years Joy worked with women and women's issues, facilitating individuals to know who they are and what is their purpose for being. Joy is an expert in the field of "Living Waters - The Elixir of Life," and she is the author of the book titled "Healing Waters Sacred Springs." Joy can be contacted through her website at http://www.healingwaterssacredsprings.com.


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