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Moon Songstress

Bending green as the willow and supple watered
She spins the long silvered thread of growth with
Nimble fingers. Twisting round that glowing seed
She braids tender roots from blood warm tendrils.
Calling to silence she speaks her echo low within
The longing fibres, stretching into the stems and
Sucking on jewels hidden in secret filled, fragrant
Darkness. Colours felt or tasted in earth richness.

The spreading wand of greening slow weaves its
Way into the light with folded leaves, and opens
Slow newborn eyes, uncurling with gentle touch,
Flowing tender and filling fast on sturdy strength
Of fired sparks. Sun and earth feed his living flesh
And growth shoots widely out and into the arched
Sky bow. Hardness covers tender cells of moist
Life and binds him rooted to her steadying hand.

Growth is slowly steady. Quick years pass over
His head with seasons waking, growing, falling,
Sleeping turning with a breath. He comes of age
As flashing ages whirl by unnoticed, and his long
Maturity looms light quick in his eyes. Hard as
Walking rocks he moves the earth round his feet
For soft comfort, shifting slowly as time herself,
Digging down into deepest, moist, fertile nooks.

Up and out he rises with the steady flow of ages
And builds himself from the one on whom he rests.
Feeding gently, turning earth, air, water to sap,
Wood, and green fire he breathes in the day and
Night as her deep blue mantle passes overhead.
Mighty standing tall, his graceful strength gives
And takes with the earth and light's slow rhythm,
Breathing round his girth and singing in his hair.

Drawing out breath's moisture in the quieting dark
To give back feeding air to earth's sunlit beauty,
He balances power on shoulders of warm breadth.
Deep footed, anchored long and hardly held, while
Spreading slowly, feeling carefully in unexplored
Depths, taking darkly sugared life in feeling way,
He breathes it out with the earth's darkness and
Inwards in her laughing days of showered sunlight.

His centre pillars solid now with comfort, easing
Stiffened limbs full of weariness worn and heavy
Muscles damped sore with overwork. We come to
Take warm cheer released from his dancing flame.
Strong to rest the quickened flesh of red on green
And calm with knotty thought brows full of care.
Flickering life, we flutter past and on to flash our
Quick brightness. Spent, we return to embracing
Earth to be breathed as moisture round the stars.

Moon Songstress

(c) 2001-2007 Moon Songstress - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Rebecca, MoonSongstress, is an English hedgewitch. She is married with no children but has a cat with enormous teeth and six very well guarded goldfish.

Moon Songstress can be contacted at moonsongstress@aol.com


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