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Thoughts On War and Peace and What's Happening
Wistancia Stone

I believe that humans often do not turn to a higher consciousness under "ordinary" circumstances on Earth. This whole thing with the current war has brought out a lot of duality, yes - but it has also brought people into a DEEP search in their souls for what they believe and what they will allow, how they want to see the New Earth, what can't go on any longer. Maybe the first step looks dualistic. But in going that deep they are carving out a space, a place, for coming out of duality a bit. The deeper you go into the heart, the more of the heart substance you will find. It changes everything!! The heart is the key.

So I feel that there are demonstrations and people are expressing themselves and discovering what wants to be and has to be expressed within them. This is so promising! Holds so much promise. Families are feeling divisions, and maybe you could say there is a lot of separation going on, a lot of division. Some family members cannot believe that other family members either support or do not support the current war. I feel that in my heart; my heart feels this division that is taking place on Earth. It is not my division; I can feel it in the air for I have a deep connection to the Earth. But the real division going on is the true person from the not so true person, inside each one. Or the true awakened person from the not yet awakened person inside each one. What is setting up now is the Promise that that great divide within people be overcome! That people are going deeper is a good thing.

This searching and what looks like division, separation and duality is also leading to somewhere. Like a road with many paths that do, will and can lead to an open field. As a collective, as an Earth humanity group body, we're going somewhere, although it may feel strange. Like coming out of a forest when you have been lost and it has been raining. But I think that deep down we all know that there is some purpose being carved out of all that is appearing and that humanity is moving towards the Light, regardless of the strange energies that prevail in certain ways.

Some people talk about ascension these days and wonder about who will or will not ascend? Who is to totally say if everyone is going to ascend with Earth? There are many different purposes for the people on Earth. Many are incarnated ETs of the Light, many are incarnated angels and other beings whose path is not to ascend with Earth, but to return to higher worlds after serving here. Others will go on to build the higher Earth that is already being built up now. Maybe others will go to a planet and slowly regain their "ascension" balance, if they truly have lost it or be closed to opening up to it. So many roads are being taken.

My underlying feeling and knowingness tells me that while it does hurt somewhat, it is all okay. The vibration on Earth has NEVER been so high. The frequencies are exploding out of the soil. Certain gemstones are rising in frequency and vibration. I am seeing many dimensions openly now. Our chakra systems are totally changing. The Universal energies are raining down on Earth. Yes, the war is going on but it will not stop the Plan. Yes, there is suffering. But we do not know the whole story of what each soul has chosen to experience or shine out or radiate out to uplift understanding. If we had the whole truth and nothing but the truth, it would help us. We are moving toward that. But we do not now possess the whole picture.

People need to get humbled; those who think they have the whole truth or see the whole bigger picture. They need to see that they do not have it. It is a process, like everything else. Maybe some souls did not opt for this suffering and if this is the case, and I think it is, then the balance will come to them in another way. For the Divine is always about Harmony and balance.

It is also good to go into a higher picture and realize that it is not only on the Earth that dark and light play out. Ever since the imbalance came in at a much higher level than here on Earth, there have been very high beings working for the re-harmonization of the two splits. On Earth it is a little unique in that the planet has both energies. Out there it is generally one or the other. But Earth is not the only place where duality is playing out; it may well be a major "battleground" for bringing harmony. What if both "sides" out there both wanted Earth because of her uniquely having both the light and the dark on her surface? Interesting. Most planets are of light or of a grayer or darker nature. Earth is both.

I also believe that it is the human not understanding what Time and Space really are, as energies, that makes it all so difficult. So I rejoice that we move toward more understanding and greater harmony, despite what the puzzle looks like when it is not totally finished, with so many pieces missing. Really when you look at a puzzle and it is only partly filled in, it can look quite different than what it will look like when the pieces fit in properly.

I know that the war and its divisions and the chaos and violence and duality are energies that do not feel very good in the heart. I get a lot of mail about how so many are feeling this pain of the suffering of the children in Iraq and the innocent people who are at the receiving end of bombs. There are many scenarios of suffering being played out these days. I feel it and it is very strange. I can feel the whole Earth shaking with this. But it will all shake out all right in the end. What is happening is also that people are reaching a point of choice within themselves. It might seem like duality and one side against another, but I do not really see it like that. Of course in one way there is a lot of that. But people are coming in themselves, in their hearts and in their minds, coming to make a choice about whether they are going to even support war at all. Because regardless of whether this is seen as an immoral and illegal war, what is on the table, so to speak is Should war be an option on a planet that is moving into the Light like this one is? It is also about what kind of a planet do people want to live on, what kind of an ascension do people want? What do people choose to love? To support? To enhance? To envision? And what is occurring is that millions of people are reaching into their hearts and saying NO to war period. That is is not the answer. That there is no love in it. They are people from all walks of life, professional people, young, old, rich, poor, sick, healthy, all religions, Americans and everyone else! and it is HUGE outpouring and outcry about what people want to exist on their planet.

There is a small dark group that have darker forces behind them standing there, who are spearheading this whole thing. I believe it is more than a war for oil. Although oil and money and power and dominion is certainly a part of it. The present administration does very much look like it is moving toward imperialism, toward something that does not even resemble the Bill of Rights, our constitution or the way that America has behaved ever before. There is a fact that it is against the UN rules for a country to go and start wars against nations that is not out of self-defense. But beyond all of that, there is a choice of what do people know about energy. Because the highest path is not to go in opposition to anything, but to move toward harmony through understanding and through a kind of neutrality that no one on Earth really knows too much about.

My position is not to go out against anyone. Could it be that the present leaders do what they do because of a lowered consciousness, a lack of understanding, fear and therefore desire to be in control of everything. There are energies that also support other energies. Could it be that there are energies that are going out against the New Earth, against the massive change taking place, against ascension? If so, the higher position is not to strike against their position. It is go be steadfast FOR Light and for the raising of frequency. These energies are waging war, you could say, on Earth and how she is going. But nothing will stop a Divine plan and the plan for Earth is just that. So this is a lot of unhappy details and some things are chaotic now. But people are making important choices in their hearts. They are opening up. They are reaching. They are growing. And they are expanding. And some good is really coming out of all of this. Please take this to heart.

A lot is being exposed and the truth is coming out and it will be interesting to watch how this plays out. Earth will not be destroyed. I do not see the dark gameplan winning in the end. What lightworkers need to do is become filled with more Light, More Purpose, More steadiness, More love, No fear, No anger, No going out Against anything or anyone - but Going into the Heart FOR something. Not against, but FOR. For peace. And by finding peace inside a lot can and will happen. Energy is contagious and I believe that we are very much understanding that in communities of Light. There is power in Light and I feel that we are very much understanding this. Giving hope to others is very important. And helping to heal the fear that is so rampant. Whenever you see it, heal it with love and understanding. So it is good for people to get the higher understandings and then share them. That is my perspective in a little nutshell. It is important that we not lose heart over this. It is a huge wake up call.

On another level, the truth is that there is no death anyway. I hate that people are suffering. But the soul and spirit do not die. So some who will die will go to the New Earth anyway. I do not mean this to sound casual. It would not have been my choice that this all happen. But free will has dictated that some of this energy needs to play out. The Light cannot bend the other to its ways. Harmony needs to be reached. Do not get pulled into hopelessness over this because there is always a bigger picture. And please know that everyone in the Universe is aware of this and that help is coming and is here and yet there is free will, so things might not be as speeded up as we would like. From a bigger perspective, it would be understood in a bigger way. Trust in the Higher powers and Source and spend time in nature. Nature is very important these days. Go into the life behind the life as much as you can and open to receive higher understandings that will set you free from any drama.

On Earth it is easy to think that if there is trouble, war, destruction, confusion, division - that there is a problem and that the plan is not working. But that is not the case. That is Earth thinking! Things will go all right, even though they are feeling strange now.

People are making choices. Everyone is coming to choice points now. Will they allow "War" to even "be" on the list of real-istic options anymore? What kind of a planet do we want this to be? What are we eating? What are we saying? What kind of harmony are we really LIVING and seeking? How do we really want to see our world? What kind of a world do we really want to live in? What is the essence of the world that we would want to live in? What would be the principles of such a world? What would be the fundamental truths of such a place? What kind of truth would the people incarnated be abiding by? What kind of golden rules would they follow? Would there be equality? What is that? What kind of meanings would words have? What would be the meaning of sacred? Of a land of the free? What is freedom? What would be the meaning of liberation? Could it be acquired thru war? Would there be peace? What is that? Is it the cessation of war or something much much much deeper? Where is peace felt? What would peace lead someone to? What would be the understandings on such a world? What would be the purposes and the goals of such a planet? What alliances would that planet make with other worlds and with the solar system and the galaxy? Would that planet be committed to the Light? Would people really be able to say that? Would visitors to the surface of that world be able to feel the harmony? Would it be real? What is real? What do you experience as real? These are the choices that people are making now. They are choosing between the mind and the heart. Between propaganda and truth. Between hiding and seeking. Between love and hate. Between harmony and disharmony. Between a higher path and the one more traveled. They are choosing between just fitting in and knowing their role in the world and in the Universe. They are demanding something more, something better. They are choosing to move away from the conscious and unconscious control that has been so evident and prevalent on Earth. They are choosing to recognize what their hearts are broadcasting to them. To open up to Spirit. To open up to more knowledge, to wisdom, to becoming something different. They are choosing New Earth, even if they do not call it that. Everyone is making choices. And the thing is, they are all very important, even if it hurts to make them. Even if it means you have to step away from your familiar settings? Familiar people? People are choosing what and who they want to interact with. What they are worthy of. Who they could possibly be. And be with. They are choosing between truth and illusion. Between possibiities and settling for the old patterns. They are choosing to wake up and become more conscious and ignore the sleep in their eyes. They are choosing to stand in power and take a stand. To grow. To evolve. Many choice points and all of them are exciting for the planet. They are exciting for those higher beings who are watching the choices we make here. Who understand harmony and oneness and how energy one place affects energy in other places. They are choosing to watch Earth now and support her. And they love the choice for Love. The choices that are being made to not follow a dead-end path, but to follow the Path of the Heart, which leads to rarified air and a much higher ground. There is a clapping and a rejoicing and a support system out there, on Earth and in the Heavenly realms, even if we all cannot be aware of them at this time. Everything good and holy and whole is coming closer. Our deep selves are coming closer. This is an important time, so stay tuned and attuned. Stay in peace and harmony in yourself. Reach out to others. Give out hope as much as you can. And choose what you want to look at, listen to, and be a part of. In the world of matter, it all matters. It is all energy, even matter.

This time right now is so much GOD's time. It is so much the time of maturity of the soul. It is so much about choices and decisions and not compromising. It is so much about bringing Harmony and Balance to Earth so she can join the Planetary Alliance of Light and get on with it. Many continue to weave stories that do not feel right at all, not true at all, coming from former books and old belief systems. And yet there is an awakening of consciousness that is so strong now in so many.

I know how you feel. Please allow yourself to. I feel the crying on the whole Earth. It is not so easy to separate out our personal pain, so to speak, and the collective pain - why? Because we are all Totally connected and our Total selves know that all energy is part of the ALL.

There is an Understanding that frequency is everything. It is coming to humanity. An understanding that Time does not exist in one way. That past, present and future are all one unit, all time, no-time. There is the beginning of the possibility of understanding what time is and what space is and that it would change the total person.

The thing is who we really are and what we really are and our true purpose here is coming to be known.

The ascension of Planet Earth is not singular. It is connected, as all energy is, to everything else. And the divine plan at this time is to lift the frequency and dimensions at all the levels. Everything is going up. Not just humans on Earth, plants, animals, minerals... on Earth but also the solar system is changing, the galaxy is changing and within that, where millions of galaxies fit into this local universe - there are Universal changes happening, to lift the Universe as well. So there are a lot of considerations, points, circumstances and ideas to take into account. Therefore there are many many meetings at higher levels where decisions are altered and built upon. There have been many considerations to make the plan fit into larger and larger settings and also a lot has and had to do with the energy coming FROM Earth. Now the perfect and right balance has come in to Earth, and did so in 2001, so it is a plan that has its balance and is now proceeding Fast Forward! I noticed the change in our sun last May because to me it is obvious. Now there are reports from scientists in Russia and elsewhere, talking about the intense changes in the sun in its frequency, vibration, and luminosity. The planets are also becoming more luminous.

The plan is huge and many have gotten tired, feeling like it will never happen. The plan seems to be something that has to do with making the greatest move forward with rise in frequency with the greatest amount of ease, shared by the largest amount of persons and planets. I do not process to know this whole plan. I feel that it is complex and yet simple. There are still a lot of disharmonious energies playing themselves out, but all of that will change. I focus on the new vision and on New Earth, because it already exists.

One thing leads to another and then another and the openings take place. Things are not at all what they appear to be, but all of this must be experienced. So I feel it is most important now to stop and FEEL into the Life behind life. It changes everything and we see so much more. It is important to keep our perspective on giving out frequency and taking in the highest frequency and changing the landscape energetically in every precious moment in each of our lives. Like ripples in a lake, one little stone can change the whole pattern. Indeed! I join you in the excitement of documenting this time on Earth!

Wistancia Stone

(c) 2001-2007 Wistancia Stone - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

At this point in time, Wistancia Stone is progressing consciously into her Divine Self, the energy of who she really is, and what she is supposed to really do on Earth. Presently she is getting closer to the answers and the understandings of her Divine purpose on Earth, and everything that is connected with her True Origin and Deepest Purpose.

Wistancia works on Earth as a messenger and representative for Creational Energies, Divine energies, Angelic energies and the Spirit of Oneness. She teaches three levels of Universal White Time Healing in workshops in her home. She also works with The Golden Movement, which represents the power and energy of the Universe. She assists the transition to the New Earth as a NET teacher (New Earth Teacher) and can initiate others into this training. She also works with Ascension clearing, activation, counseling, channeling and creative meditation. She has authored two books; Invocations to the Light and Empowerment and Integration Through the Goddess. In her daily lightwork, she facilitates global personal sessions and training, writes articles and updates during Earth's transition to New Earth.

If you are interested in Universal White Time Training, NET training, or doing personal sessions, you can contact her:





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