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The Journey of a Spiritual Birth
Lisa Swann

We all like to unwind and enjoy a nice massage once in awhile.....and being a mother of five children I occasionally treat myself to a massage treatment. On July 13th 2002 I had scheduled a special afternoon of relaxation and was off to my favorite massage therapist. I enjoyed a hot stone treatment and some reiki and much needed massage. As my therapist was massaging we were talking to one another and she was working on a specific area in my second chakra when she asked me if I was planning on having any more children.....I said "Oh no, I don't think so." Well, just during this time I began seeing rainbows of light. I told the therapist that she was touching a wonderful spot and shared about the rainbows with her. After we were finished with the massage session I layed in quiet by myself and I wept. This session had been different than any other I ever had. I just couldn't explain it, but it was different.

A few weeks went by and I began feeling nauseated and a bit tired. I had been doing a detox and thought that I might be having a healing crisis. After experiencing this for several days I knew that this was not from the detox. I had felt this kind of nausea before....could it possibly be...? Was I.....pregnant!? The possibilities were so slim and I just couldn't even imagine that this could be true. So, I got a pregnancy test and sure enough...I was! I had to go back on the calendar to find the date of conception and it was.....July 13th 2002. Was there some kind of a connection with the massage therapist asking me about me having more children and me seeing the rainbows....and conceiving a child that night...?

I went through the first few months with the usual nausea and my daughter enjoyed massaging me during this time. The neat thing was, any time she would massage the same spot in my second chakra I would begin to see rainbows again and the nausea would go away. When I made the connection it was just amazing to me.

My husband and I kept the pregnancy to ourselves and our children for about four or five months because we didn't want to face the ridicule that was sure to come of us having another child. A couple of days before Thanksgiving we decided to tell our parents about the pregnancy. I wanted so badly to share my news before and it made me feel sad that people would reject a baby before even being born. Our families have never been too excited with any of our pregancies, but we knew this one being the fifth that we had to be strong before making the announcement.

With my previous children I had wanted to experience a homebirth and never had the opportunity to. So, this time I had made up my mind that I was going to have a homebirth. I contacted the midwife and she would come to the house for our visits. The other children would get to be a part of each visit...measuring not only my belly but the bellies of the kids and letting them hear the heartrate of the Baby. They always looked forward to her visits. The pregnacy went on with no medical intervention, no ultrasounds, etc. Everything was great!

In February a friend showed up at my door during a time that I really needed someone to show me love. She brought me a huge basket of herbal teas, muffins, aromatherapy items, candles, a plant and a little wooden carving of a pregant mother. I needed this so much.....But then she told me that she knew that I had never been given a baby shower with any of my other children and she wanted to give me one. I told her that was so thoughtful of her and agreed. The next day I was washing dishes and this thought began to cross my mind that this couldn't be a normal baby shower...it had to being something more. ...kind of like a ceremonial type of thing. I wasn't sure what I was searching for, but I got on the internet and began doing searches on alternative baby showers, holistic baby showers, etc. Something called a BlessingWay kept coming up so I read about it. This is exactly was I was having a vision of as I washed dishes! A BlessingWay was started, from my understanding, by the Native American tradition. It was a way to nurture the mother when she was about to give birth. It was a time to show her love and support and connect her with other women. Even though many religions and groups of people use the BlessingWay for different occasions now. I decided to contact my friend to see what she thought. She agreed and the date was set for March 15th for my BlessingWay.

A couple of weeks later Valerie, my massage therapist called about the BlessingWay. I hadn't had a massage treatment since that day back in July. She called to ask me if I would like to come over for a complimentary massage the day before the BlessingWay. I of course agreed. Then to my surprise she said if I would allow her...she would be honored to be there during the birth of the Baby. I was ecstatic because I had wanted to ask her, but because of finances didn't and also I wasn't sure how she would feel about attending my birth.

On Friday March 14th I woke to a beautiful sunrise and prepared myself to begin my BlessingWay weekend. I went to have my massage and it was wonderful. I came home and sat outside in nature and enjoyed the beautiful day while reading. All to prepare me for my special time.

I woke on Saturday morning to another beautiful day and the kids spent time outside while I prepared myself spiritually for the evening event. I enjoyed a peaceful day. I got to my friends house and smudged myself and her home before everyone arrived. We had relaxing music playing, incense buring, candles, waterfalls.....a very relaxing atmosphere. People were asked to leave all negative energy before coming in. We enjoyed a wonderful vegetarian feast that my friend prepared. Then it was time to commune in the living room....We all sat in a circle and I shared with each person why I chose them to be a part of my BlessingWay. They each had brought a bead for me and the baby to place on a labor necklace so that I would have a focus point during my labor. Everyone also brought a candle which they attached a blessing to for me to burn during labor. We created a journal which the women wrote poems and stories and blessings for me and the baby in. Valarie gave me a foot massage with cornmeal in which everyone blessed. Then, we had a little bit of fun with everybody doing a henna painting on my feet, legs and arms. At the end we strung a ball of hemp in a circle and each person cut a piece of the string to weave into a bracelet to wear until I birthed the Baby. This was to represent unity and to remind the women to pray for me and the Baby. It was an unbelievable evening. I recieved calls and emails that week telling me how touched they were by the experience. It was so much better than any baby shower could have ever been. A truly spiritual event. I spent Sunday reading my journal that everyone had put together and relaxing.

Over the next few weeks leading up to the birth I began feeling that I didn't want to birth this Baby. I enjoyed having this Babies energy within me. I would find myself holding my tummy and crying because I wanted to keep this child within. I had never experienced this with any of my other children...and the love that I felt was different than any other I had ever felt. Finally I sat down one night and had a conversation with the Baby...I said I am ready whenever you are ready. You come when you are ready and I will be ready too. Just let me know when you are ready. Even though I didn't want to birth the Baby...there was a part of me that couldn't wait to touch this beautiful child and especially look into his/her eyes.

My due date was April 5th. I was getting close. It was the week of April 1st and there was the new moon. I had felt contractions on and off over the couple of weeks prior to this but they would always stop. On the afternoon of April 1st I went to the store and finally I thought these are the real thing...I am going to time them. I started getting contractions every 10 minutes. This went on all evening. I put the midwife and Valarie on alert before going to bed. Then I woke up at 1:30 am and was wet. I thought hmmm...my water must have broke. So I got up and went to take a shower. I still didnt have the "strong" contractions and was just trickling water so I went back to bed, I slept through the night on and off. At 8am I got a phone call from Valarie wondering what was going on. I had also called the midwife and she was going to come over to check me out. The midwife came over and said everthing was fine and to just walk and wait. So, I walked on my farm and cleaned...and still trickling water:) I went to bed Wednesday night and thought well, surely this will be soon. I woke up at 12:30am on Thursday April 3rd and thought geesh...it has been almost 24 hours since my water broke...is this ever going to speed up. Now keep in mind I was not in pain during all this time....not at all really. Just then I thought well, I am going to the bathroom. I went to roll over and felt a "different" kind of contraction and I heard POP! POP! My water gushed everywhere....! I was excited this was the REAL thing! So I got up and went to run some bath water. I had another contraction 10 minutes later so I woke my husband and had him to bring me the phone. I called the midwife and Valarie. By this time contractions were 3-5 minutes apart. My husband went to light my BlessingWay candles and get the music going in my bedroom. The other kids were all sleeping. I stayed in the tub til Valarie arrived. THen I went to the bedroom floor and hunched over the yoga ball as Valarie massaged. The midwife arrived about a half hour later and things were progessing quickly.....It was so relaxing in my own bedroom with the candles and music and the two soft spoken ladies....I chanted my way through labor until 2:54am....Only an hour and a half of labor and I gave birth to the beautiful child that I had loved so much within me. I looked down to see that I indeed had a little boy. My children woke the next morning to a new baby brother. Since I thought for sure that I was having a girl I had no boy names. It took 4 days to come up with his name. I kept asking him to tell me what name he would choose for himself. Finally, the name that was chosen was Landon Raine. Landon means open grassy meadow and Raine means "ruler."

From the time that Landon was born he has been so peaceful. He is only 2 weeks old and already sleeps through the night with me. He sleeps all afternoon in the room he was birthed in. Just looking into his eyes which I had longed to do brings so much joy and opens my heart to so much love. I can not even explain how different this birth experience has been next to all of the others...but there is indeed so many things that have taken place since I was pregnant with and birthed Landon. There have been miracles take place around me and my family that have never occured before. So many unique things too numerous to mention. I truly have taken a journey into a spiritual birth.

Lisa Swann

(c) 2001-2007 Lisa Swann - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Lisa Swann began her journey into natural health which opened a door for spiritual growth, natural living and natural parenting around nine years ago. She ran a natural health consulting business for several years but chose to focus on parenting her children after her third daughter was born. She currently is a homeschooling mother and has five children. She still does natural health consulting in her "free time." Lisa enjoys spending time in nature, camping, hiking, reading, gardening...She can be contacted at Nature0521@aol.com


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