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Letter to the Editor
Darren Thompson

Hi Leslie,

I have just finished reading 'Living In The Now" and I have felt a very strong connection as I read about Shadow. I too had a tri-coloured sheltie named Jester, who passed away in January of this year. When I came upon your website and saw the picture of Shadow, my heart quickened with a rememberance of my companion Jester.

I am an artist and I had a little t-shirt shop near Lake Erie and from the day I had Jester, we were inseparable! Your words of remembering Shadow as a puppy were very strong in my heart for I too, remember the first day of playing with Jester in the high grasses that were taller than him. (It is a beautiful etching in my mind) my eyes tear with Joy* at the memory.

As you well know, shelties are loving, loyal companions and I couldn't imagine my world without him...But that day was inevitable, and like Shadow, my boy would look into my eyes and tell me that the time was near. I have seen others try to extend their pet's lives, sometimes not for their pet's welfare and I chose to give Jester palative care and let him go when the time was close, he would let me know.

I spent the last day with him, going for a walk at the park and afterwards we played frisbee.

Leslie, Jester wouldn't stop playing until I ran out of steam!

I have a portrait of Jester, playing frisbee and a thought popped into my head, to paint his paw print on the painting. I did this inside the house after we played frisbee. I pressed his paw onto the painting and Jester left another print on the floor, right beside the kitchen door. I left that paw print on the wooden floor as a reminder when Jester always greeted me when I came home.

Later on that day Jester had enough and I called my vet, that it was time. She graciously opened her clinic, knowing all of the ailments that Jester was suffering from.

I held him in my arms and thanked him for his love and companionship, and that one day we would be together again.

Even as I felt him slip away, I knew that it was the right thing to do, and that gave me peace.

A few days later there was a break in the weather and I was able to dig a hole and place him there with his frisbee. The sun was just setting in the west casting a golden glow on the wooden driftwood cross that I had found a year ago. I slept peacefully that night. The next morning, the weather was already back to cold winter again, and I went down to Jester's grave to put his dog collar on the cross. After saying a prayer I began to weep and as I turned away from his grave with tears in my eyes, I noticed that the morning sun was shining through a sliver of clouds on the horizon, again bathing Jester's grave and the cross in a golden light. The air was perfectly still as the golden rays lit up the trees and eventually the entire hill behind me. All I could think of was "Thank you God"...and I knew everything was fine. That night, I had a dream, that I was walking over the hill near my house covered in a golden coloured grass, and from a little patch of green grass, closeby came Jester, as the beautiful puppy he once was. I know now that he is with me always.

Love Eternal*
Darren Thompson

Dearest Darren...

Oh how your words resonate...as we've stood in similar spaces within the heart. I do believe Shadow and Jester are forever close - have always been and shall continue to be. I also know Jester will meet you at the gates of heaven just as he welcomed you home every day when that day comes.

It is a blessing when little ones like this come in so close and touch hearts so deeply.

Thank you so much for sharing this with me... it is only further confirmation that love never dies and simply grows.

All my love and heart blessings....

(c) 2001-2007 Darren Thompson - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Darren Thompson is an artist living in Southern Ontario Canada, in a small rural village. His background is in graphic arts and has been recently exploring his spirituality through visual expression. The name that the artist likes to use for his spiritual paintings is Lee. Lee would like to share his visions on canvas with you.


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