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Biosome Vibrational Music
Constance d'Angelis

Transforming Conflict Into Success Sample

Biosome Vibrational Music (BVM) resonates with the body?s energy centers. BVM instills a state of clarity and directly refocuses physical energy and realigns the body?s natural vibrations.

BVM is channeled.

While sitting in my office in Dunedin, Florida in January 2002 I received a message. I was told to create music with accompanying sounds that would act ?as a whippoorwill in the night?. I had no idea what that meant at the time. Within 2 weeks I found myself in Saratoga Springs, New York playing my crystal bowl in a studio and allowing sounds to be put around the predominant ?F? note of the bowl to create a strange vibration. I found out later the effect of this process.

As I played the crystal bowl and the harmonious, concordant sounds placed themselves around the consistent ?F? note, I felt my energy move from a place of holding into a free flow through my body. The warmth started around my tailbone and moved forward. The pulsation began around my pelvic bone and pumped its way upward. When the feeling reached my stomach I felt sick. Tension started in my shoulders, neck and jaw as little knots and pulsations of tightness. I had no idea how the nausea could relate to the pain in the upper part of my body, but ? it did. The flow of energy continued, sometimes pleasant, sometimes unpleasant. I kept breathing and letting my body relax. I heard the sound again ? and I let my voice make the same sound as I heard ? the ?F? note. That?s when it happened! The energy shot up from my solar plexus into my forehead. Then, it moved back down into my chest. And, it felt so comfortable to have the sound centered in my heart ? both front and back. Even though the pulsations moved up and down, the energy seemed to stay in my heart. It was easy to experience.

Today, I did a healing session on a beautiful, young Russian woman. She told me how she felt the biosome vibrational music. She said: ?it brought me into mediation and a state of deep relaxation ? opening me up to cosmic energy. I feel space and travel.? My dear Katya -- I can say no more. Thank you for sharing your experience with me.

Studies in neurophysiology have shown that specific musical tones and notes affect the vibrational quality of the human mind and body. BVM resonates with the body?s energy centers to shift that energy to allow the easy movement of energy throughout the body. According to eastern philosophy and medicine, where energy moves freely throughout the body, there is health. Obstacles to flow of energy and stagnation of life force are the cause of disease. After my experience with Biosome Vibrational Music, I agree.

With great love and respect,
Constance d'Angelis

(c) 2001-2007 Constance d'Angelis - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Constance d’Angelis is an attorney, arbitrator, author, nationally certified and licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master, speaker, and workshop leader. Her avocation is vibrational healing.

Her workbook “Why am I in Conflict – Transforming Conflict into an Opportunity for Personal Development and Success” and CD which features Biosome Vibrational Musictm, special music woven around the tones of a crystal bowl (played by Constance) is now available.

“Why Am I in Conflict” is designed to assist you to:
(1) Strive for your Truth;
(2) Stay on your Integrity Path; and
(3) Avoid the destruction wreaked through greed, hate, revenge, or the abuse of power.

The series of CDs and workbooks is an integrated program using both mental and meditative techniques. It is an empowering process designed to focus you, the listener, toward a successful solution to conflict by dispelling confusion and creating clarity.

A lecture Constance gave at the Atlanta Health Expo “Loving Law: Success Through Integrity” – is also available on CD.

Constance d'Angelis is available for speaking engagements and workshops and you may contact her at www.LovingLawsuits.com or by e-mail at Lovinglawsuits@cs.com

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