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Tarot Symbology and the Tree of Life:
Pictorial Keys To The Art of Memory

Charlene Salvaggio PTR /RM

From the Unabridged Edition of Random House Dictionary of the English Language we cross into the basic meaning of these key words:

Symbol n., something used for or regarded as representing something else; a material object representing something, often something immaterial; emblem token, sign.

Archetype n, 1.the original pattern or model after which a thing is made; a model or first form; prototype 2.(In Jungian psychology) an unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., inherited from the ancestors of the race and universally present in individual psyches

Images with several levels of meanings, unconsciously or consciously invoke a sense of empowerment and influence in the observer. Tarot symbols, in particular, are considered to be symbols of great laws at work through the whole of creation. Although some images are universal and timeless in image, the levels of the meanings unfold uniquely within the various experiences and attitudes of the individual psyche. Like color, It says one thing to open many variants. This is what they mysteriously do. This is why we call them arcane. This is why some people find them intriguing and some people find them frightening. I find them to be enlightening reflections of vast ever changing territories of growth and wisdom. I use them for growth, healing meditation and entertainment. I believe that is what they are here for.

I ask that you come along on an exciting voyage of exploration as we journey along the pathways of the Tree of life and meet the Major Arcana symbols of the Tarot.

Let's visit THE FOOL?S symbol of the Court Jester, and explore the purpose of this important symbol and how it relates to our lives.

The Fool

As we and the Fool prepare for our encounter with the other symbols
of The Major Arcana, I would like to remind you of what the Chinese philosopher , Lao Tsu had to say about the subject.

"When the Wise Man learns the Way,
He tries to live by it.
When the average man learns the Way,
He lives by only part of it.
When the Fool learns the Way,
He laughs at it.
Yet if the Fool did not laugh at it.
It would not be the Way.
Indeed, if you are seeking the Way,
Listen for the laughter of Fools."

When looking at the first symbol of the Tarot, we meet the Fool, or the character of a Court Jester in appearance. The Court Jester or Fool, was used by the noble and lofty of Kings and Rulers for the important task of making wisdom and strategy from foolery and risk. The Jester was truly a stunt man, bravely dancing his way through amusement and entertainment to help resolve solutions to problematic situations. Through his enactment the King could become wise to the results of certain actions without having to risk appearing "foolish". The Jester was an amusing teacher revealing direction and concepts of strategy while opening possibilities of which the results were uncertain.. The antics and demonstrations of the Fool or Jester regarding situations of concern, served to free the dynamics of problem solving by simply taking brave chances in any and every random direction of possibility that was open.

The more foolish they were, the more amusing he was! The King and the Fool never having to carry the weight of "ego". when considering the tried and true results. All the learning mistakes would be made by the entertainment of
The Fool. So we see that the Fool is really a purposed piece of revelation not to be taken too lightly. In our unfolding journey of growth and enlightenment let us recognize the wisdom and potential of the Fool within.

Please join us in our next edition as we continue our journey through Tarot symbology and the Tree of Life.

Symbolically Yours,

(c) 2001-2007 Charlene Salvaggio PTR /RM - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Charlene is a freelance writer, an effective Parenting Leader, Reiki Master and does intuitive readings as well as works with various Healing Arts.

Charlene can be reached at Transangel@aol.com.


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