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Questioning Holiday Tradition....
Leslie Palacio

After several months of drama unfolding around me, both in my life as well in those loved ones around me, I began to feel like I was one of the 'three blind mice' and trying to figure out how to stay away from the carving knives. (~Laughter) I found myself in deep thought. The challenges ranged from financial issues, kids and school issues all the way to my mother and daughter being in a car accident and getting hit head-on while they were sitting still at a stoplight. All of which seemed to play tag with one another for no more was one clearing than another was beginning. This also included waking up one Saturday morning with no vision, and it took over two hours for my normal vision to return. This led to a MRI, a MRA and an EEG Brain Wave study at the local hospital, "to be on the safe side" my doctor said. While they created charts and read test, I began to ponder like attracts like and the universal laws. Usually when something strange begins to manifest in my life I only have to look as far as the mirror and normally it is something that I have chosen to take part in or focused on or even requested. The best place to begin, I thought, was to keep a closer watch on my thoughts because this time I hadn't made any request that I was aware of.... so what was bringing this to my door? I was puzzled. As the weeks moved forward, events began to vanish and clear just as suddenly as they had entered. I found no thought that I was focused on and on the contrary I was scattered and not holding on too much of anything. I guess trying to hold on to the old motto, 'ignorance is bliss'. (~Laughter) Well as I gathered myself and began to notice what was happening around me it was as if something was triggering my fight or flight yet I couldn't name it or associate it with anything specific. Now I was really attached, I had to understand. I fully understand where you place your thoughts and focus your energy is what will manifest and I've seen this happen countless times. This understanding led me to questioning the holidays and the traditions and things we do every year. It gives one a great deal to ponder as we head toward the holidays.

I don't think I realized how much of my thoughts, patterns and other conditioning have changed over the years until I found myself questioning several things. Why is it, we, that were raised in the Christian Traditions, go through several rituals every season. We begin near September and October with homecoming at the church then move into December and begin reenacting the birth of Jesus. We watch beautiful children in colorful robes as they become the Shepards, Wisemen and Angels from the scripture. We choose some enchanting pair to play the beloved parents as well as a doll or even a new baby to play the role of a lifetime, that of Jesus. We sing the hymns, we tell the story and even have birthday parties. From there we move rapidly in the New Year and just as winter releases its icy cold grip and the warm winds of spring blow in, we suddenly find ourselves at the foot of a cross. It's Easter. We drape the cross and even our sanctuaries, eat the bitter herbs and acknowledge Passover. Here locally some churches get together and take turns carrying the cross from one church to another as the passion story is told. Yes, I too, have done these things. In my childhood, Easter was always my favorite. My grandmother and I placed flowers on the cross outside the church and went to sunrise service; however, if I were to be honest to my feeling looking back at those times, it was more of my Native heart finding a place within the standard traditions. Nothing gives me comfort like morning prayers at sunrise within my medicine wheel.

Traditions... how interesting. What gives us spiritual comfort? All of which are manifestations of our intent, thoughts and desires. As I began to think of the various traditions and cultures, I kept coming back to my own as there was something breaking open for me. Questions like: How does the reenactment of Jesus' birth and then his death affect us? Are we not recreating it energetically on the planet? Why do we feel it necessary to bring him back every December and crucify him every spring? Why do we reseed the suffering upon the planet and place this block in the path to finding our Divinity? It's got to be more than just a reminder, right? This troubled me so I sat with it a bit longer.... I walk into the church and am greeted by red carpets, colorful shards of glass in the windows and the crucified Lord hanging on the cross over the altar. I've seen this in countless churches and maybe the windows change, or the color of the interior but the crucified lord hangs dramatically from a cross within the sanctuary or within the narthex. I began to question, why not the risen Lord? Why not hold and iconify the salvation? Why not the understanding of Surrender and Gentleness? Why be greeted with suffering. Do we do it to find the courage to find its center so we too will understand the passion in the passion story? How can we infuse this beautiful planet with the Passion and not the legacy of Suffering? Do we do it to call ourselves forward so that we may know ourselves as this passion and release the suffering for its been paid in full in a most dramatic way? Is the suffering the block where all too many get caught up in the drama of the event and not in what was understood, which was the movement beyond identification to know oneself as a facet of the divine. Many questions trailed across my mind as after 33 years of witnessing this, I feel one only has to experience this image of suffering once to feel the full range of it. Was it related to the current suffering on the planet? Those that still worship within our Christian churches, do you think this is what Jesus wanted? Instead, I believe it is self worth issues, ego and self identification - we are being asked to give up and if so, wasn't the recreation of past events part of what was being asked to be released or could it be for others to find their way? Isn't all suffering relative? (~Got to love the Libra Mind...Laughter).

I had questions, questions and more questions and then yesterday morning, when checking my mail, I received notice that the latest Tobias channel was available at the Crimson Circle and I was quickly going to copy it into the Highlights section of Pathways; however, I found myself reading along and low and behold there was the vast majority of the things, I've been pondering. I found myself smiling at the thought of releasing Jesus from the cross even though I know he has risen. The thought of releasing the need to relive, recreate and reenact the drama was a beautiful thought. I wondered if people would give up the image of suffering for the message and the truth which is wrapped up within Surrender. Do you think the churches would give up their statues of Jesus hanging on the cross? Do you think they would allow - after all this time for him to be removed and replaced with the image of surrender or maybe one of love without the quantification of suffering? Do you think just maybe it could be replaced with direct experience?

I'd like to share a few of the statements that Tobias shared with the Crimson Circle, lead by Geoffrey Hoppe (full channel can be read in the Highlights Section):
"Dear friends, the cross is a divine symbol, a sacred geometric pattern. It is the intersection of the divine and the human. The horizontal line represents the human, and the vertical line represents the divine. They intersect, and all of the elements are equal and balanced. There is not one line longer than the other. It is a sacred symbol that has been around for a long, long time. It has also been abused by many. As this new potential for knowing the God within was awakening on the planet at that time, humanity did something to this sacred symbol. They nailed a man to it! They placed a horrible energy on this sacred symbol. They put suffering in the doorway of divine revelation. It has stayed there ever since."

"But, dear friends, the Old Energy of suffering that is deeply embedded on the planet now. It needs to be removed. Your religious and spiritual institutions - whether it was in Christianity, Buddhism, Muslim, or any of the rest of these - continue to hold the energy of suffering. You continue to think you need to suffer on your spiritual journey. It is time to let that go."

"Many of the churches on Earth right now need to change. Their logo is a dead man nailed to a cross. That's the first thing you see when you walk into so many churches. You open the doors, and what energy greets you in this holy house? A dead man nailed to a cross! Dear Shaumbra, it is time to take Jesus off the cross! It represents the suffering that has been placed directly in the doorway of the divine and the human melding."

So as this Holiday 'Passion' Season begins with its usual festivities... give it some thought... His words give new meaning and a new perspective to age old traditions and I'm sure there are those that feel these traditions are needed and they too may be correct. I don't judge it as right or wrong. I think it is where you are within your own divinity. You may be being asked to give up the suffering and truly surrender, you may be being asked to release the old and boldly create the world you want to live in. You may be being asked to see the illusion of your own identity. To see yourself as the god-spark, the soul that is eternal and in that comes the knowing that All That Is ever needed has already been provided.

This base energy on the planet is Passion and it will define itself to that which the heart desires so think before you think... What are you celebrating and what are you creating for yourself and our beloved planet? What will you have love manifest for us all?

I think I'm going to simply celebrate "I AM in the Father and the Father is in me."

Wishing you all Heart Blessings as we enter the Passion Season...

Wishing you and yours Heart Blessings...

(c) 2001-2007 Leslie Palacio - All rights reserved.

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