~ Claiming Your Divinity
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The Call: Claiming Your Divinity
Leslie Palacio

If I had to call myself by any name, it would be chameleon and catalyst. I've always had a talent for blending in or finding a space as well as triggering a change once I decided where I belong or what my view is on a specific event or subject. Would I call it an asset? That answer is "no - not always" at the time. In retrospect it usually turns out to be a grand life lesson and one I wouldn't trade for anything. My mother and grandfather both used to tell me any time I felt defeated or that I was failing at something, "I've never seen you not be able to do anything you put your mind and heart to." I never really thought of it that much until recently, and the reason I bring it up is I feel the key is universal. It is "anything you put your mind and heart to you can do or in this case it will manifest or come forward in your life."

This concept is understood by many lightworkers; yet in the past year many have questioned as things around us began to crumble. This included things that appeared to be no fault or have no direct call from within. Event after event unfolded both in the global community as well as within our lives. Personally, I found myself at what seemed 1/2 speed at best, partial energy and fighting exhaustion more often than not, all the while a full drama continued to unfold around me. I felt a need to walk softly, as if I should tiptoe as to not disturb the heavy energy enveloped around me. The war energy, the fear, worry and uncertainty, all of which seemed to linger at the edge of my safety zones triggering "fight or flight" issues. I couldn't place it within my personal frame of reference with anything happening around me or to me; yet, there was an intimacy to the play. It was as if suddenly you're center stage in the spotlight but no one gave you a script or a role to play. I believe it was this way for many this year. I have begun calling it the year of Sundance energy because it was as if the whole year was in service to ourselves and others. Challenges both large and small knocked on every door and everyone was touched. Everyone was asked to dance.

It proved to be a year...
* where we, on some level, attached our spirits to the light to help our beloved planet and relations move to the next level of understanding and enlightenment.

* of lessons and looking at the true nature of ourselves.

* tethered to the tree of life, praying for peace.

* which birthed the core questions in the host of mankind.
As this past year unfolded, I like many of you, walked softly yet I questioned many things. I didn't want any closer to this and most certainly wanted it all to lift. The sooner the better, I felt, as the physical, emotional and mental challenges were in front of me at every turn. When I finally released and began to step back out of what was and had been unfolding around me, including giving up my survival reactions, I began to see the questions that were being asked around me. Yes, even lightworkers that have been in service for years were pondering and I listened as deep core questions surfaced. This powerful dance reached the hearts of many.

The Core Questions Arose From Within:
Who are we?
What and why are we choosing this?
Who will we choose to be?
What will I allow to define me?
What roads will I take?
and the all important, Why?
Usually when these types of questions come to center stage, either personally or globally, it quickly partners with that beautiful teacher we all know as "Fear" because when we, in our conditioning, don't have a perceived solid answer to the "Why" - Fear quickly stands up and says, "Oh Boy! My Turn." In its desire and excitement it calls its truest friends Worry and Uncertainty.

Then The Questions Change With Our Conditioning:
Do we believe what we hear?
Do we trust what we see?
In whom do we place our trust?
Can we spare ourselves from what is unfolding?
However, the Heart and Soul Still Speak:
Do I trust what I've been taught?
Do I trust what I feel?
Where am I standing?
What is the purpose?
And again, Why?
That inner voice says, "Trust the Dance - Dance with those that enter this sacred space."

For it is these types of questions that are the most beloved gifts we're given. "They are the core questions asked by the soul." When fear and uncertainty enter you find yourself faced with these choices. We are on some level seeking to move from this space unfolding or to understand this space yet to get out of the direct implications and what ifs. I, for one, don't feel the answer lies in getting around or away from what is happening because I've found the quickest way through is to sit with it and ask yourself these direct questions and to allow the direct experience. Isn't that why we're all here for the direct experience?

The modern world conditions us all to seek peers, associates, friends and others that are of like mind or within spaces that are similar so that comfort zones aren't challenged; yet, Faith asks us to stand up at these times and claim who we are and what we will choose to become. It is a very fine line and not always easy because Faith asks us those deep questions. This is challenging to the conditioned mind because Faith doesn't stand with anyone. It has no partner and only points toward the SELF.

In my search, River, a beloved one from the other side, gave me a wonderful understanding. She calls SELF the "Sacred Entrance Long Forgotten." "This is the space that has been forgotten," she would tell me, "and it is the beloved road home." She has shared much wisdom with me over the years and guided my footsteps when assistance was sought; however, she too always simply pointed toward my heart and that which is already a part of me. As further confirmation, I was led to Gangaji and her beautiful teachings. In her tape called 'The Longing', she describes "Longing as being God saying Here, Here" as in I'm right here inside you, I am you. I think Faith or Divinity when taken to the core is saying nothing more than "trust that part of you which IAM". It asks only for the direct experience. It asks only for you to claim your divinity and stand in full beholdance of this precious gift.

To me this bright and beautiful new year is about stepping out of the drama and embracing that inner voice - that wisdom that has always been resident in your heart. It is about moving into the spaces of the heart. It is about the energy of the Native Drum. It will be about Divinity, the Universal Healing Energy and the Universal Lifeforce. These "core questions" are what gives rise to seeking and searching but its not in the seeking and searching where the answer is found. It is in that which bubbles up from the well-springs of one's own heart. Listen to it's sacred rythum.

Let's embrace the new year with love, light and step out of the drama, reflections and perceptions of others and the world's illusions around us and instead, claim today and all that are to come - as the day Faith was asked to lead for surely it will lead us directly into the universal heart all the while pointing us directly to the center of our own divinity where eternal peace and love abound.

Come inside the spaces of the heart - Claim Your Divinity...

Let's all be the catalyst and become the change we wish to see in the world. Be who you were born to be - Your SELF.

Heart Blessings...

(c) 2001-2007 Leslie Palacio - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Leslie is the founder of Sacred Winds Publishing, Pathways Within and Creative SplashWorks.

Sacred Winds was founded and is based on a dream. That dream being to bring a new face to publishing spiritual and enlightening material. It is Sacred Winds hope to assist authors in the publications of their dreams as well as to share with readers inspiring words of spiritual wisdom. Seeking simplicity, beyond complication and moving into an uncharted publishing arena where the simple goal is to share the sacred journey and make it easier to connect heart to heart - soul to soul. This dream continues today in the form of Pathways Within.

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