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Celebrating Our Second Anniversary!
Leslie Palacio

Dear Ones...

It's celebration time as July will mark our second anniversary. This year has proved to be a year of unmeasurable growth, love and light and we feel very blessed and honored to be a part of this heart project.

Two years ago, I was asked by Archangel Uriel to begin this project. This story is rather funny. One evening I was just turning in for the night and had crawled under the covers and said my prayers, when I suddenly felt this huge energy shift. I knew someone had entered and I asked, "Ok, I know you're here. Please come forward." I waited and nothing happened, just this electric, tingling energy. I waited and nothing happened. Quickly, I grew impatient and said, "OK, fine. If you're not going to talk to me then I'm going to sleep," and I started to turn over. Just as I moved, I saw wings behind me out of the corner of my eye. I snapped back around and asked again but the energy slowly faded. I prayed, talked and pleaded. "Oh, I'm sorry... I'm too impatient. Please try again. I'm so sorry." But nothing. Several days later, I was in the car on the way to work when this same energy began to come in. I was a bit wiser at this point so I pulled the car over so I could give my complete focus. Uriel gently entered and asked me to put together this e-zine. I thought ok I have the computer skills to do this but I'm not sure about getting people involved. He said, they will be guided in and all you will have to do is open your mouth and it will speak for itself. I thought, 'yeah! right! you sure you got the right person.'

Weeks later, I was still allowing this to tumble in my mind and I finally decided to mention it to my family. I was sharing my experience with my mother when my youngest child came into the room. She asked for a piece of paper and disappeared as quickly as she'd entered. She came back about ten minutes later with a beautiful poem. "I'm going to be the first contributor," she boasted. I felt it odd she use the word contributor as it's never been used to my knowledge in our home and she was only 8 years old. I even asked her if she knew what contributor meant and she said, yep and told me it was people that would get involved and work with Pathways and share their heart. I was a bit shocked at this point as her poem blew me away as she happily turned it in. Our Lightworker's "I guess I had better get started then", I responded and she then said, "Oh Mom, It's about time." Like this was way behind schedule. (~Laughter) From there it manifested magically. It's been totally surrounded with love and wonderful people and to this day continues in that same energy.

Pathways has proven to be a heart space, an open place for sharing and has assisted in networking lightworker to lightworker as well as warmly embrace others just beginning their spiritual journey. It has been a source of inspiration, broader perspectives and unbelievable growth. In two years time, it has done all Uriel said and more.

Every edition unfolds magically with beautiful synergy and love for Spirit. I'm always amazed at the rythum the edition develops on its own. Many of you that do not work behind the scenes may not realize that there is no major planning that goes into the content. We simply ask for those feeling guided to join us, to please step forward and share from their hearts. We give no guidelines on topic or themes. Once in a while, I'll contact an author or artist that I'm guided to but here again the topic is left to the contributors discretion, interviews aside. I watch as this magic happens edition after edition and it always leaves me feeling extremly blessed as there is no doubt that Spirit is guiding.

I would like to take a minute to invite everyone out there to come and get involved. We'd love to hear your views and perspectives as well as hear about the lightwork you are doing. Everyone has a pearl of wisdom to pass on and we'd love to hear yours.

Also, I would like to thank all the contributors that have been with us over the past two years. Thank you for touching my heart as well as our readers. Your sharing is invaluable and we couldn't create such a wonderful e-zine without each of you. What lights you are!

Please celebrate with me the magic they've created...

Heart Blessings To All....

(c) 2001-2007 Leslie Palacio - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Leslie is the founder of Sacred Winds Publishing, Pathways Within and Creative SplashWorks.

Sacred Winds was founded and is based on a dream. That dream being to bring a new face to publishing spiritual and enlightening material. It is Sacred Winds hope to assist authors in the publications of their dreams as well as to share with readers inspiring words of spiritual wisdom. Seeking simplicity, beyond complication and moving into an uncharted publishing arena where the simple goal is to share the sacred journey and make it easier to connect heart to heart - soul to soul. This dream continues today in the form of Pathways Within.

Creative SplashWorks (www.creativesplashworks.com) is a new innovative design company which offers services in marketing, website and graphic design as well as hosting packages. The SplashWorks Team has over 25+ years of experience in IT Development, Website and Graphic Design. After working with numerous projects in the IT Industry we saw a need for quality IT services for mid to small companies and organizations. It has become our goal to empower this select group so they can take control of their Hosting, Website and Marketing needs in a way that reduces cost, improves performance, gives quality support and provides creative designs which will standout in the marketplace.

Leslie can be contacted at LPalacio@CreativeSplashWorks.com or LPalacio@PathwaysWithin.com
or by visiting http://www.CreativeSplashWorks.com or http://www.PathwaysWithin.com.


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Leslie Palacio
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