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Our Mission Expands, the Birth of Creative SplashWorks
Leslie Palacio

It's been the mission of Sacred Winds and Pathways Within to assist in the growth of Spirit and to share with those that come forward to be a part of each edition, be it as a reader or as a contributor. It's been my personal mission to assist with connections that can help others make dreams come true and to also assist by providing a space to allow this connection between organizations, groups and individuals. This mission continues to be lovingly supported and is growing by leaps and bounds. As we move into our fifth year of beholding Pathways Within, we've also found our mission quietly expanding.

After working with numerous individuals, business and organizations, we've found a huge need for a quality web / graphic design and hosting company. A light network shall we say where the services are personal and simple to understand and manage. We know many of you with sites are struggling with costly and complicated providers and we feel our 25+ years of experience in the IT Industry is being called to service. Our misssion is now expanding to assist in empowering this select group so they can take control of their hosting, website and marketing needs in a way that reduces cost, impoves performance and assist in standing out in the marketplace. Thus, the birth of Creative SplashWorks.

For those of you struggling with other hosting providers or expensive web-design services, please take a look at our new intuitive site manager, SplashSite. It gives you full control without a need for 3rd party software. There is a full range of feature benefits and services. I am managing the graphic design needs so if you are interested you will be working with me on a custom site design which will be driven by SplashSite, which was written by our very own Michael Hoyes who is assistant editor here at Pathways. We're keeping it personal, afforadable and feel this is where spirit is guiding our skills forward. If you are considering a new site or struggling with your existing site or perhaps even wishing to have a more professional framework, SplashSite may be what you've been waiting on.

If you can manage, 'MSWord or WordPerfect' you will love SplashSite as it manages the complicated task that go with website management with all the protection that others have yet to provide such as backup, recovery, publication to your host and more.

We hope this new light network and intuitive site manager will assist you in the birth of your dreams as it has become ours to be the wind under your wings. SplashWorks has already assisted our local YMCA, a non-profit corporation in South Africa and the US, whose purpose is to provide humanitarian relief, Pathways Within - who uses the SplashSite to manage the busy layout and planning for our editions as well as many others. SplashWorks will also be providing, graphic design work for logos, book and magazine covers as well as other professional marketing and design services.

Just because you're getting started and have limited funds doesn't mean you can have an online presence that is professional, functional and will assist you in being successful. Like my grandfather said, "Where their is a will there is a way".

We are happy to be of service and look forward to working with you.

Dream Happy...


Creative SplashWorks is a new innovative design company which offers services in marketing, website and graphic design as well as hosting packages.

(c) 2001-2007 Leslie Palacio - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Leslie is the founder of Sacred Winds Publishing, Pathways Within and Creative SplashWorks.

Sacred Winds was founded and is based on a dream. That dream being to bring a new face to publishing spiritual and enlightening material. It is Sacred Winds hope to assist authors in the publications of their dreams as well as to share with readers inspiring words of spiritual wisdom. Seeking simplicity, beyond complication and moving into an uncharted publishing arena where the simple goal is to share the sacred journey and make it easier to connect heart to heart - soul to soul. This dream continues today in the form of Pathways Within.

Creative SplashWorks (www.creativesplashworks.com) is a new innovative design company which offers services in marketing, website and graphic design as well as hosting packages. The SplashWorks Team has over 25+ years of experience in IT Development, Website and Graphic Design. After working with numerous projects in the IT Industry we saw a need for quality IT services for mid to small companies and organizations. It has become our goal to empower this select group so they can take control of their Hosting, Website and Marketing needs in a way that reduces cost, improves performance, gives quality support and provides creative designs which will standout in the marketplace.

Leslie can be contacted at LPalacio@CreativeSplashWorks.com or LPalacio@PathwaysWithin.com
or by visiting http://www.CreativeSplashWorks.com or http://www.PathwaysWithin.com.



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