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Your Heart Has a Song
Leslie Palacio

There is a resonance or melody to things of the heart. They send shivers down your spine and there is an inner knowing. There are also times in ones life when it's unmistakable and at others, it seems lost or absent. Perhaps lessons, such as the dark night of the soul or where a relationship has left you feeling shattered or deeply off balance. Perhaps its that job or career that tugs you endlessly forward trapping you in concerns for security and stability. I believe the key is found in the words or sounds your heart speaks.

Those that love me have always said, "Your heart will never lie to you" and that "it is the truest measure of who you are." I believe this to be one of the best things ever shared with me for far too often, we get wrapped in the sounds, motion and input around us. Often, forgetting to take time with that internal guide we've all been given.

With cell phones, television and other media there is so much input that we often pick up others conditioned thoughts, opinions and/or behaviors. If you doubt it just look at style and trends. Yes, let's all get those new Vera Bradley bags or choose ring tones that define who is calling. If you've not given thought to conditioning and the role it plays in our lives then perhaps you should because we're all surrounded and immersed in it from our births.

When you find yourself confused or uncertain about an issue - unplug. Turn off the cell phone, cut off the TV or radio, put down the newspaper and step into yourself. You've got the perfect guide with you - YOUR HEART.

Trust it! Believe it! It sings the truest song and points to the most fulling paths. It will remind you of who you are.

When you speak from the heart the melody is unmistakable. When you give from the heart, it is the greatest of gifts. When you create from the heart you will always be successful and when you listen to your heart - you will come to know yourself completely. This is where true wisdom resides.

(c) 2001-2007 Leslie Palacio - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Leslie is the founder of Sacred Winds Publishing, Pathways Within and Creative SplashWorks.

Sacred Winds was founded and is based on a dream. That dream being to bring a new face to publishing spiritual and enlightening material. It is Sacred Winds hope to assist authors in the publications of their dreams as well as to share with readers inspiring words of spiritual wisdom. Seeking simplicity, beyond complication and moving into an uncharted publishing arena where the simple goal is to share the sacred journey and make it easier to connect heart to heart - soul to soul. This dream continues today in the form of Pathways Within.

Creative SplashWorks (www.creativesplashworks.com) is a new innovative design company which offers services in marketing, website and graphic design as well as hosting packages. The SplashWorks Team has over 25+ years of experience in IT Development, Website and Graphic Design. After working with numerous projects in the IT Industry we saw a need for quality IT services for mid to small companies and organizations. It has become our goal to empower this select group so they can take control of their Hosting, Website and Marketing needs in a way that reduces cost, improves performance, gives quality support and provides creative designs which will standout in the marketplace.

Leslie can be contacted at LPalacio@CreativeSplashWorks.com or LPalacio@PathwaysWithin.com
or by visiting http://www.CreativeSplashWorks.com or http://www.PathwaysWithin.com.


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