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Becoming A Hero For The Planet

I recently went to the movies to look at what I believe is a fantastic story. This movie is called 'The Last Mimzy'. I find that it's more than a science fiction movie. It is a lesson to today's generation.

The media has tried to make it an issue with Eastern Mysticism saying that it's all just an issue with those people but, it's not. It is a global issue that is facing everyone.

A brief description of what the Last Mimzy is about -- these two children go on Easter vacation to their beach house on Whimby Island. They don't seem too excited about going and don't want to leave their friends behind. Once at the beach house they go exploring one day and find a box on the beach. They sneak it back into their bedroom where they find it opens and there are things like they've never seen before. Emma the youngest finds several things inside, including one cute, cuddly stuffed animal named Mimzy. The bunny whispers to Emma about the world, how people from their future are dying and the planet is dying because no one took time to stop the things that are killing the animals and us.

This is a great story on how Noah and Emma find out how to get Mimzy back to the future, save the people in the future and how to stop what will kill the planet. Even things today hurt our planet and very few seem to be paying attention. Little things, like leaving water on when you brush your teeth, leaving the lights on when your not home, driving huge cars with only one person driving and not a family who needs a large car. Those actions waste water, electricity and gas. Water polution kills the plankton, which kills the metapods that eat them, small fish, larger fish, dolphins and whales. Everything is a huge circle. One thing you do effects the whole.

Endangered animals are dying and becoming extinct like the Spirit Bear, elephants, rhinos, leapords and blue whales. Did you know that they've just added the hippo to the endangered species list? Is it going to take adding the word human before anyone does anything?

I have questions for all parents out there that worry about what school or college your children will attend and I wonder if you ever wonder if their will still be a planet around at that time. Shouldn't we consider global health too?

You kids out there, we can stop this! We are the generation that can turn this around, we can educate others and take action now.

I think about it a lot and I can't believe I came to this planet to watch it die. I believe that I came to watch everyone instill compassion and love into this Earth to save it and to protect it, not to mention all it's inhabitants.

After all she's protected us for so long, now it's our turn to take care of her. So stand up and help, become the voice for our future.

Become a hero for the planet.


Below you will find a list of simple things you can do to make a difference:

1) Educate the children in your life by reading 'The Old Turtle' by Douglas Wood or 'Dear Children of the Earth, a letter from home by Schim Schimmel or even 'All God's Creatures Go To Heaven' by NA Noel.

2) Use Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs. (If every American household were to swap just one bulb we would save enough energy to light more than 2.5 million homes for a year and prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of nearly 800,000 cars.

3) Monitor Your Thermostat and make the two degree pledge. Move it up from your standard by two degrees in the warmer months and down in the colder months

4) Clean or Replace Your Air Conditioning Filter. Keeping a clean filter can help with your energy bill as well as with allergy causing particles. This not only can help with the health of your home and take less out of your pocket. It will help cut greenhouse emissions.

5) Unplug. Even if the unit or applicance isn't turned on doesn't mean it's not using power. Take the unplug pledge and turn them off and unplug. The average household can save up to several hundred dollars a year just by unplugging the energy drains.

6) Go Low-flow. Install a low-flow shower head with a shutoff valve. This will save on water and heating bills.

7) Drive Smart. Consider consolidating your route or carpool. Skip the drive-through window and park and walk inside. Get an annual tune up. You'll get better performance and save in mileage. A faulty oxygen sensor can cost you 3 miles per gallon. Spark plugs and dirty air filters can cost you up to 4. Loose gas cap can add up to 2 miles per gallon.
Walk or Bike. Better for the environment and better for your health.

8) Go Meatless (once a week or more): Each calorie of animal protein requires 78 calories of fossil fuels to produce. Water associated to livestock including feeds is about 1/2 of all the consumed water in the US.

9) Buy Local; buy in season. Consider the road miles associated to your food. Finding a local farmer's market can be beneficial to the environment as well as to your diet as the food is more fresh and better for your health.

10) Lights. Turn off the lights when you're leaving any room and take avantage of any natural light where you can.

11) Computers. Make it a habbit to turn off your computer and the power strip it's plugged into when you leave for the day. While on a break set your computer to sleep so it cuts the energy requirements. Screen Savers do not save energy!

12) Print smart. We all know paper is a huge drain on planet resources so be smart in your needs. Print on both sides of a page and use draft modes where possible. Consider lighter stock paper made of bamboo, hemp, organic cotton or kenaf. Recycle toner and ink cartridges and buy remanufactured. Office Depot says each remanufactured toner cartridge keeps approximately 2.5 pounds of metal and plastic out of landfills and conserves about a half gallon of oil. Go paperless when possible and consider if you can store or view your documents/statements online. Printing as a PDF is a nice option for computer users.

13) Take your own Tote. For small goods, carry your own bag and stop the paper or plastic.

14) Consider indoor plants. These little helpers can remove indoor air pollutants.

15) Recycle recharageable batteries. In some states it's illegal to toss them out. Take advantage of the stores that will recycle them for you. www.rbrc.org

16) Fridge settings. Refrigerators are high energy expense items. Maximize efficiency by keeping the fridge at 37 and the freezer at 0.

17) Toss out. instead of paper plates, consider alternatives or smart usage. If you have to go paper or plastic, find a neat way to identify your cup and utilize just one.

18) Roofing. If you need to replace your shingles, consider a classic metal roofing system. The energy Policy act of 2005 gives a $500 tax credit.

19) Grill corn in its husk - no foil required and taste even better

20) Switch to Organic. Go organic on at least one item you purchase weekly.

(c) 2001-2007 Dakota - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Dakota is twelve years old and is currently in the 7th Grade. She was the very first contributor to Pathways Within and she has been sharing her view for several years. She is a "Voice of the Spirit Bear Educational Member" and is working to help the SBYC save the Spirit Bear. To find out more about the Spirit Bear, go to Spirit Bear Youth Coalition.

You can find more of Dakota's articles in our archives by selecting Dakota in the Author's Lookup.

You can also find articles written by Dakota in her column, "Dakota's View" located in the new hardcopy magazine, Children of the New Earth. CNE can be found on-line at Children of the New Earth.

Dakota may be contacted care of Editor@PathwaysWithin.com


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