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Our mission is to share with readers inspiring words of spiritual wisdom as well as the desire to support and share knowledge that will assist in the transformation and growth of the soul. It is in this passion and love of Spirit that Pathways Within has been created.



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It is because of the loving souls that have stepped forward to share their journeys with us which makes it possible to bring you Pathways Within.

We invite each of you to share your views, suggestion and experiences with us. >>


Submission Guidelines...


Thank you for your interest and inquiry into becoming a contributor. We look forward to receiving your submission. Please read the following to find out how to submit.

Content and Scope
Pathways Within is designed and dedicated to Growth, Sharing and Opening of Spirit and it is Pathways Within’s wishes for this publication to remain open and free of censorship, fear and bias for all experiences, we feel, have value. We encourage your discernment as well as ask that you keep an open mind to the words others are sharing. If something does not resonate with you, simply move on to the next article for there will be a broad range of topics, ideas, thoughts and issues shared. Though we support openness there are a few topics we consider ‘off limits’ for this publication and that is defined as any material that is derogatory, racist, sexist or pornographic in nature. We have included a section for individuals under the age of 18 and wish to encourage their participation for there is great wisdom in the hearts of our youth. However, parental consent and supervision is requested for all readers and contributors under the age of 18.

All material and perspectives are shared from the heart's of contributing authors. Pathways Within is pleased to provide this outlet for spiritual sharing and hope it provides a wonderful growing experience. The publication is designed and dedicated to the Growth and Opening of Spirit and it is our wish for this publication to remain open and free of censorship, fear and bias; therefore, the views and perspectives maybe broad in scope and wide or narrow in view so we encourage your personal discernment. Pathways Within does not endorse any individual, group, product or concept and all contributions remain the rights of the author. Remember you are the best teacher you will ever have - trust your heart and always follow your truth.

In general, Pathways Within is seeking enlightening material that is inspirational and insightful as well as other spiritual, thought provoking and other self empowering works.


Anonymous or Pseudonymous Work:

We will provide a section for Anonymous Work or for those wishing to use Pseudonyms. This is due in part to the nature of some individuals that for whatever reason wish to remain unknown but wish to contribute. Also, Children or Young Adults under the age of 18 will strictly be listed by first name only, unless a specific request it made otherwise. If you wish to use full names on an article or work and you are under the are of 18, please contact

Pathways Within respects and protects the privacy of our users. We encourage other sites to join us in this effort. Pathways Within does NOT presently use cookies to retain any information about our viewers. The only way we know something about you personally is if you provide it to us in conjunction with one of our services. The amount of Personally Identifiable Information that you choose to disclose to is completely up to you and any information shared within publication or otherwise requires formal submission and release permission from the contributors. In regard to the mailing list for notification of new issues, this information is not shared and is strictly used to notify readers of updates and new releases and is in no way used for soliciting purposes.

At Pathways Within, we take your privacy very seriously.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy please direct them to

Funding and Transactions
Pathways Within is a free publication and no money changes hands between the publisher and the contributors. On highlighted articles, some authors will be invited to include bio information and within such are invited to include details in regard to themselves, contact information and/or their website or URL links so readers can contact them if they so desire to read or learn more from a specific contributor.

Submissions and How to become a Contributor
If you have a work you would like to share and it embodies the spirit shared within this site and qualities within the aforementioned scope, please use the following format and guidelines for submission:

Format: Word documents are preferred; however, we will accept .rtf, .txt., .doc and other text files. We ask that all submission be in black and white and any graphics included as .jpg, .gif, or .bmp files. Please send the graphics as attachments and not imbedded within the articles.

Please send your work to
Please include your work as attachment and not within to body of the e-mail.
Please include in the Subject Line: ‘Submission of Work for Consideration’

Pathways Within will contact you if your article has been selected to go into a given publication. To give a general overview of the process after notification of intent to publish, you will receive prior to publication a blueline proof of the final work as it will be published within the given edition. It will include a submission release from where we will request your approval to print this article with the exact text, title, bio and any other information to be included. From that point, you will simply fill out the formal submission form and release. From this point, you are finished and the article will appear in the Pathways Within and be shared with others in an online e-publication environment.

When the next edition is released, your material will go into archive where you will be able to access the articles of past archives.

If you cannot for some reason meet the needs of the submission guideline and have questions or need assistance in format, simply contact for assistance.